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Manage your field services efficiently with digital

What is Vector?

Vector is a 100% digital service management tool that allows you to optimise the schedules and services of your field staff to maximise your profitability.

The result is a better quality of service for maximum customer satisfaction.

Vector creates the link between your office teams and your field staff.

This digital solution allows you to dematerialise your management and centralise the information exchanged with your field staff.

Thanks to Vector, your daily management is simplified, more efficient and the time spent on your administration is drastically reduced.

How does the solution work?

From the Vector web platform, the person in charge of planning

A complete and structured intervention report can be sent to the client and to your internal administration.

On the web platform, you generate the reports necessary to manage your activity and to analyse the performance of your service providers (salaries, overtime, jobs not performed, etc.).

From the Vector mobile application, employees in the field

What are the advantages of Vector?

For you via the Vector web platform

For your employees in the field via the Vector mobile application

For your customers

Who are the targets of Vector?

Vector has been specifically designed for :

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What are the features of Vector?

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