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Intervention management

aidoo mobile

Manage the planning and interventions of your mobile staff effectively and efficiently

Which sectors of activity are affected?

  • Technical services: electricity, heating, lifts, alarm systems, air conditioning,…
  • Personal assistance services: home care, meals on wheels, domestic help, carers,…
  • The building sector: construction, renovation, heating, sanitaryware, tiling,…
  • Business services: industrial and office cleaning, parks and gardens, security, moving,…

What are the issues?

  • Reduce costs: reduce costs related to interventions and administration
  • Delivering on commitments: being able to ensure as quickly as possible that contractual commitments to clients are met is essential
  • Organise the planning of interventions efficiently: optimise human and material resources in a flexible way
  • Eliminate paper exchanges: from the request for a service to the report of the intervention, manage it all without paper
  • Avoid wasting time: provide field staff with the information they need to carry out their tasks

What are the benefits of intervention management

  • Increased productivity: time and efficiency savings will reduce operational and administrative costs
  • Monitoring the progress of missions: real-time information on the progress of interventions and their status
  • Simple management tool to organise schedules: precious time saved in the dynamic allocation of missions for dispatchers
  • 100% digital solution: two-way communication, data entry (signature, satisfaction, etc.) without any paper exchange
  • Improved performance: technician assistance and guidance, minimisation of oversights, easy access thanks to the integrated CRM, reporting on work and performance times

The essential functions of aidoo

  • Job planning
    From the aidoo web platform, the dispatcher assigns and schedules the different services sent in real time to the staff’s mobile. He can also :
    – Communicate the schedule in real time to the smartphone or tablet of his field teams
    – Simply and simultaneously modify the schedule according to the work to be finalised and emergenciesThe teams then retrieve the complete customer files including contacts and specific information (e.g. access instructions).
  • Job tracking
    Thanks to aidoo, field staff :
    – Record their clocking in and out times, as well as the beginning and end of their shift
    – Enter additional information related to their services: the parts and consumables used, a questionnaire, the tasks carried out or still to be carried out with associated quantities, one or more photos, the signature and the degree of satisfaction of the customer
    – Dictates all notes orally in a practical and quick way
    – Consults the itinerary to get to the place of work
    – This aidoo feature also allows the dispatcher to :
    – Consult the information related to the services provided by their staff (photos, customer signature, parts used, etc.) directly from the aidoo web platform
    – Consult the map showing the start and end of the service

The essential functions of aidoo

  • Job reporting
    – Each job is summarised in a digital job report that includes all the data entered by the staff during the job. This report is sent instantly to the relevant people in-house and at the customer’s premises and can be consulted at any time.
    – At a glance, the dispatcher can see which members of his team have not yet started their day, which ones are busy at a customer’s site or which ones are late in starting or finishing a job.
    – He can also obtain: the volume of the different types of services and their status, all the services performed for a customer or the list of attendances and the hours worked over a given period.
  • GPS tracking
    With the GPS tracking functionality, the dispatcher can geolocate his intervention personnel during working hours thanks to the GPS tracking available on the smartphone. The geolocation can be done continuously or more usually at the beginning/end of the shift only.
    He can therefore plan urgent interventions according to the proximity and availability of the field staff.



An advanced function: Check In At Work

    Record your clockings on the basis of the aidoo performance schedule:

  • Automatic declaration 15 minutes before the theoretical start of the service (aidoo schedule)
  • The data can be confirmed by the clocking in of your teams on site (if you have installed a PunchClock)
  • The attendance data is automatically communicated to the NSSO, and made available to the Contractor and the subcontractor if the worker is subcontracted

Our services

We offer you all the services necessary for the follow-up and implementation of our solutions.

  • Consultancy and project management
  • Service package: depending on the type and size of projects, different standardised service packages are offered:
    – configuration of the solution
    – application installation
    – training and support
    – advanced configurations
    – integrations
    – specific developments

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