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Management of tools and equipment

Location of tools and small equipment

Locate your tools and equipment and optimise their use

Securysat RFID or BLE technology facilitates the tracking and inventory of your valuable material and equipment.

The principle is simple: a small transmitter (tag) is attached to each piece of valuable equipment and communicates its position to one of the receivers located in your vehicles, at your depot or on your building sites, when it is in range.

The Securysat platform you will know at any time the last known position of each equipment: pick hammer, ladder, concrete mixer, generator, …

  • Who dropped off which equipment on which site?
  • Has an expensive piece of equipment been returned to the depot?
  • How long did each tool stay on each job site?
  • What equipment is still present on your sites?

Drop-off and pick-up of material on site

At the time of detection, the asset is linked to the vehicle.
An “Attachment” event is generated on the platform signifying that the object is present in or near a specific vehicle.

  • As the vehicle leaves the premises, the asset is disassociated from it.
    A “Detach” event is generated on the platform. The location and time of the object’s drop-off is then identified.
  • As the driver is identified, he is thus involved in the responsible management of equipment pick-ups and drop-offs
  • .

Inventory of equipment on site

Thanks to the “attachments” & “detachments” of assets, it is easy to check their presence on site and thus make an inventory of them.

The vehicles, via the GPS beacon, automatically confirm the presence and position of an asset as it passes by.
At any time, the site manager can therefore check the presence of equipment or materials and even calculate their rate of use.

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