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Intelligent camera

Increase driver safety and improve fleet efficiency with the intelligent connected camera

Combining video with vision and artificial intelligence reduces significantly risks on the road

Our dashcam identifies risky driver behaviors and provides real-time* audio and visual alerts so the driver can self-correct before an incident happens.

This not only can help avoid a collision, but the alerts help drivers become aware of their risky behaviors so they can self-manage and develop safer driving habits over time.

* subject to available cellular network coverage.

Combiner la vidéo à la vision et à l'intelligence artificielle pour réduire les risques d'accident

How does our intelligent camera works ?

  • machine vision sees objects and behavior,
  • artificial intelligence learns from the data to interpret what the MV sees.

Together, MV+AI observes data, analyzes it, and anticipates what might happen next.

When risky driving events are identified, a real-time alert* is sent so the driver can correct the behavior. If the driver doesn’t correct the behavior within a few
seconds, a video event is recorded and their manager
gets a notification.

The dashcam can detect :

  • distracted driving,
  • unbelted driving,
  • smartphone use,
  • smoking,
  • eating and drinking

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What are the benefits for your fleet ? What benefits for your business ?

Track drivers along their routes

  • Find vehicles and route history on a map with real-time GPS tracking
  • Collect your geolocation information (date, time, speed, risky behaviors)

Address distracted driving and reduce accident risks on the road

  • Identify dangerous road events (sudden acceleration, sharp turns, harsh braking and distracted driving) to train and improve driver behaviors
  • Alert your drivers in real-time* to risky behaviors and give them the opportunity to self-correct before video capture triggered
  • Recover video footage of risky events to help them improve

Reduce claims and insurance costs with live video evidence

  • See what really happened on the road and in the vehicle with crisp HD footage
  • Access video clips any time through an online dashboard (cloud) up to 30 days after capture
  • Share video footage simply and securely both inside and outside the network

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How the technology supports you and grows with the needs of your fleet ?

Our intelligent dashcam was designed especially for fleet managers.

Hardware specifications

  • Bi-directional camera : road and driver facing
  • Tamper-proof
  • Simple installation
  • Manual recording

Read our article “A camera installed in less than 10 minutes? When video changes everything…”

Advanced technology

  • Powered by AI and sensors
  • Audio alerts
  • Enhanced connectivity

Surfsight technology evolves according to your needs : automatic updates, programmable AI, addition of auxiliary cameras, single platform for all your vehicles,…

Download the intelligent camera technical sheet

Vos caméras de surveillance en temps réel ou les enregistrements vidéos respectent-ils la vie privée de vos conducteurs ? Oui… à condition de respecter certaines obligations légales !

Is it legal to install an intelligent camera in a vehicle?

    As a fleet manager, when you decide to equip your vehicles with smart cameras, you have a legal obligation to :

  • Inform your employees
  • Define the duration of data retention
  • Declare your surveillance cameras
  • Keep a register of image processing
  • Affix a “camera” pictogram in equipped vehicles
  • Limit access to images to authorised persons

The MV+AI technology is designed to respect driver privacy because it does not collect biometric identifiers or biometric information (i.e., scans of facial geometry).

What is the budget for an intelligent camera?

You should expect a budget of €400 excluding VAT for the camera and its installation.
To this, you must also add a SIM card of at least 1GB/month (to be negotiated with your usual operator) and a monthly subscription of around 10 euros for remote video viewing.

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