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Intelligent Dashcam

Opt for a real time* 360° view of road events

Protect your drivers and their passengers, empower their safe driving behaviour and manage road events

Surfsight in-vehicle camera solution

Securysat and Surfsight are teaming up to provide their customers with a video telematics solution for fleet vehicles to continually improve driver safety, reduce incidents and save costs.

Integrated with a multi-sensor camera at the front of the vehicle and facing the driver, Surfsight streams and records real-time video to the cloud, enabling continuous 24/7 monitoring of your vehicles, drivers, passengers and cargo.

With artificial intelligence, hazardous event detection, distracted driver alerts, live video inside and outside the vehicle, GPS tracking, location history, as well as big data analytics, fleet managers gain greater visibility into their vehicles’ activity in real time.

  • Protect your drivers through video and empower them to stay safe on the road with real-time in-cab behaviour alerts
  • Significantly reduce claims costs related to accidents, theft, cargo damage
  • Save thousands, even millions of euros

The benefits of the in-vehicle camera

  • Real Time
    Track your vehicles live through built-in telematics
  • Cloud Storage
    Automatically record and store events such as acceleration, hard braking and hard cornering
  • GPS
    Track and keep a history of locations
  • Recording & Playback
    Record the camera’s position locally on an SD card
  • Multiple sensors
    Receive notifications in case of crashes or aggressive driving

The risks avoided with the in-vehicle camera

  • 80% of accidents are due to driver distraction
  • The accident rate in your commercial fleet can reach 20%
  • Distracted driving is preventable

Materials related to this solution



The Surfsight camera is a Full HD 1080P video camera with a 140° adjustable wide-angle lens to capture all the details on the road and in the cabin.

Integrated with a multi-sensor camera at the front of the vehicle and facing the driver, it streams live video from the vehicles to the cloud in real time. This enables continuous monitoring of vehicles, drivers, passengers and cargo, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Surfsight provides a live video telematics service for fleets at an unbeatable price, continuously improving driver safety and saving money.

The camera, which provides colour and infrared video, automatically detects distracted driving, provides an alert and triggers recordings.

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