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Car dealerships

Manage your dealership efficiently and reassure your customers

Discover the offers specific to the dealership profession

As a car dealer you have many test, replacement, rental or staff vehicles in your fleet.
Your fleet is growing fast and good management is essential to keep your business going and thriving.

Viasat Connect offers various innovative solutions to manage your fleet efficiently and productively.

Among other solutions available on Securysat, such as vehicle geolocation or preventive maintenance management, our Q Love. Drive. Protect. for dealers combines the best for the fleet and service manager but also for your customers.

Q allows you, as a dealer, to:

  • Know in real time the location of your test, replacement, rental or staff vehicles
  • Receive an alert (notification or email) if your vehicles’ batteries are low or disconnected, if the vehicle is lifted and whenever the ignition is turned on
  • Prevent your vehicle from starting up again at any time: if your vehicle is in a risk area or is not used for a period of time, you have the possibility to prevent it from starting up preventively and also to contact an approved monitoring centre in case of theft

With this solution, you can be reassured in the management of your business and you help your customers to protect what matters to them.


Simply track rented or test vehicles

By slipping an autonomous beacon into the vehicle, you are able to locate it, monitor journey speeds and most importantly, retrieve the vehicle if it is not returned on time.

The autonomous beacons have sufficient autonomy to geo-locate the vehicles regardless of the duration of the loan or rental period