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Eco Driving

Improve the driving behaviour and safety of your drivers

Protect the environment, reduce consumption and increase safety

What are the sectors of activities concerned?

  • Local authorities and public institutions
  • The vehicle rental companies
  • Personal transportation companies
  • Freight transport companies
  • All companies impacted by driving behaviour

What are the risks involved?

  • Human impact
    Trauma, life-threatening risks, loss of licence
  • Paterial impact
    Vehicle longevity, mechanical breakdown, tyre wear
  • Financial impact
    Freight breakage, additional fuel/maintenance/insurance costs
  • Environmental impact
    Excessive CO2 emissions, excess fuel consumption
  • Impact on corporate image
    Bad publicity related to driver behaviour

The benefits of tracking driving behavior

  • Prevention
    Reduce accidents and lost time
  • Cost reduction
    Preserve tyres and mechanicals, reduce fleet costs
  • Decrease violations.
    Avoid the risk of penalties for inappropriate driving
  • Environmental conservation
    Reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Preserved reputation
    Behave in an exemplary manner on the road

The tools of driving behavior monitoring

  • Driver app
    View scores directly on your smartphone
  • Web Dashboard
    View your drivers’ scores
  • Driver Rankings
    Challenge your drivers’ progress
  • Reports
    Receive details of “infractions”, monthly statistics, individual tracking sheets
  • Scoring criteria settings
    Weight indicators for targeted focus

Mobile applications linked to this solution

My Ecodrive - Driving behaviour analysis

My Ecodrive - Driving behaviour analysis

The Eco Drive mobile application aims to monitor and improve the driving behaviour of drivers to ensure lower tyre and mechanical costs, longer vehicle life, environmental conservation and a lower rate of offences and penalties.

At the end of a journey, at the end of the day and even in real time, the driver can consult :

  • Details of his driving behaviours in the vehicle
  • His daily score taking into account acceleration, braking, turning, jumping, idling time, speeding
  • Details of driving violations, by route, with the ability to view the location of the violation on the map

By helping the driver to correct himself in real time and educating him as he drives, the Eco Driving module provides instant and permanent feedback to the driver, enabling him to adapt his driving style and reduce his CO2 emissions.

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