Antitheft solutions

Protect your vehicles, objects and transported goods against theft

Theft of vehicles, fuel, goods or objects is a concern for everyone. Discover our innovative solutions to protect your fleet.

Secure your vehicles and machinery and increase your chances of recovering them in the event of theft

Protect your assets and reduce the costs associated with their loss

Combine immobiliser and driver identification and limit the risk of theft

Identify fuel theft and reduce costs

Protect your goods and take no more risks

Be alerted to abnormal events

When you buy a car worth more than 50,000 euros, many insurance companies require the installation of an INCERT certified GPS beacon to protect your vehicle against theft.

INCERT is a quality brand for products and services in the field of electronic security against theft of cars and other vehicles.

Several solutions divided into 5 categories are possible depending on the wishes of the vehicle owner or his insurer within the framework of the risk acceptance against theft.

By equipping your vehicles and machines with a driver identification requirement you drastically reduce the risk of theft from your fleet.

Without identification with a dallas key or RFID badge, drivers will not be able to start the vehicle.

The Securysat Fleet application can also be used to remotely switch off the engine at any time, thus preventing the vehicle from starting up again.

Protect your vehicle with a mobile app that constantly shows you its location and movements.

Viasat Connect Belgium technology makes it easy to keep track of your valuable equipment and inventory. It allows you to avoid theft or loss of equipment.

Protect your assets in a way that is tailored to their size, value and required level of protection.

GPS location, navigation and geolocation systems have become ubiquitous in our daily lives.

Jamming – intentionally or not – and deception of even these very weak signals is absolutely forbidden. Yet they have become accessible to everyone.

This does not mean that you have to put up with them. You can protect your vehicles from such interference.


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