Vehicle tracking

Manage your vehicle fleet easily and efficiently

The intelligent tracking application that allows you to optimise the management of your vehicle fleet and the people who use it

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A real-time fleet management solution

Securysat Fleet is a vehicle tracking and geolocation system for companies seeking to reduce the costs associated with the use of their vehicles and machinery.

A complete solution

With the Securysat Fleet tracking and geolocation module,


Here is a concrete example: the East Flanders Ambulance Centre transports up to 80 patients per day. With the vehicle geolocation module, the Centre can view the position of the ambulances at any time, assign rescue missions to the nearest vehicles and save lives.

Who is the vehicle tracking and geolocation module for?

Optimised management

Securysat Fleet Management guarantees you better management, significant time savings, considerable savings and enhanced control for serenely controlled operations.

All your tools are brought together in a single solution and your reports, which can be easily exported, are generated automatically. No more need for a telephone: you can monitor your vehicles remotely, and therefore deal with emergencies quickly and efficiently.

Thanks to an international network of Viasat Connect Belgium resellers, Securysat Fleet Management is a pioneering solution for vehicle tracking and geolocation.

Mobile applications related to this solution

Securysat - Vehicle tracking

The Securysat mobile version gives you real-time visibility on your smartphone or tablet of all your fleet activity.

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