Insure your customers’ business fleet

Solutions tailored to your industry for greater efficiency

As an insurance company, your role may be to insure a fleet of vehicles against theft or damage, to insure individuals or businesses against claims and associated costs.

It is compulsory for everyone to take out third party liability insurance for every motor vehicle they buy, whether it is a lorry, a van, a passenger car, a construction machine, …. This is therefore the first insured risk.

Depending on the risks directly or indirectly linked to their activity, companies call on your services to cover other risks:

In addition, as an insurer, you may also calculate insurance premiums based on self-reported information.
It is therefore essential for you to know more about the people who take out insurance in order to certify their reliability. The annual distance travelled, the use of vehicles, traffic offences, the quality and the driving conditions of the drivers are all criteria to be taken into account.

Viasat Connect Belgium solutions support you in your business and help you in profiling policyholders by, among other things: