Badging and work time calculation

Automatically calculate work and performance times

Automatically prepare the salaries of your workers with the help of clocking in and out

Staff performance calculation

The calculation of working hours and staff benefits is based on clockings. Viasat Connect solutions allow you to configure, in particular, according to your needs:

Validation of services module

This optional module is very useful for employees who have forgotten to clock in or have forgotten their badge.
It allows:

Materials related to this solution

IConnect tracker

The IConnect beacon is a stand-alone personal tracker with GNSS, GSM and Bluetooth connectivity.
The device is designed for anyone who carries out an activity without close or direct supervision such as, for example, health visitors, maintenance workers, lone workers or employees working outside normal working hours.

The tracker offers high quality voice communication, programmable LED indications and a 1050 mAh battery that meets the latest safety and lone worker protection legislation.

Mobi-LED driver & passenger identification

The Mobi-LED is a Viasat Connect Belgium accessory designed to address issues such as driver and passenger clocking in and out, privacy management and site start/end, and specific activity tracking.
The Mobi-LED manages the identification of up to 8 different people.

It reads all Mifare Classic badges (1K & 4K), MiFare Desfire badges (Construbadge & LisaBadge in Belgium) as well as driving licence stickers.

The Mobi-LED has been designed primarily for the construction sector as it directly addresses three important needs: the calculation of working hours, the calculation of working hours and the calculation of mobility distances.

Simplify the clocking in and out of your drivers and passengers with the Mobi-LED.

Mobile punching machine

The mobile time clock is a GPS beacon allowing the management of the presence and the calculation of the working hours in the workshop or in remote areas (building site, port, mining areas,…).
Its great autonomy allows the clocking of employees without the need for an external power supply.

Very simple operation

The mobile time clock is also the ideal accessory to automate Checkinatwork declarations on site

Mobile applications linked to this solution

Aidoo mobile - Intervention management

A simple, innovative and dematerialised solution that allows you to manage your interventions and your staff in the field.

Aidoo gives you a real-time view of the situation on the ground. Thanks to a permanent communication and a robust link with your teams in the field, you ensure that the right information is dispatched to the right people at the right time and you pilot your activity in an efficient and serene way.

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