Monitoring of skips / mobile toilets

Manage your skips or mobile toilets

Track and monitor the status of your assets

The transmitters (Tag) send their identification continuously at a predefined frequency (e.g. 1 time per minute) and at a configurable distance (5 to 90m) depending on the environment and the needs.

The BLE receivers, via the GPS beacon, transmit a presence message when the transmitter appears and an absence message when the transmitter disappears from the detection field.

The Securysat Worker mobile app to locate and manage

Securysat Worker allows you to perform an action on one or more assets at the same time. Depending on the type of asset selected, a form will be proposed with customisable fields

The validation of the form indicates the position of the asset at the location where the smartphone is geolocated or the position of the vehicle if it exists, otherwise the position will be that of the POI designated in the form.

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