Real-time information on your mobile

Vector - Intervention management

A 100% digital tool to manage the services of your teams in the field.

With Vector, you always have the right person, in the right place, at the right time!

Via the mobile application, your teams in the field are able to manage each intervention efficiently:

With Vector, you can optimise the schedules and interventions of your field staff to maximise your profitability. The result is a better quality of service for maximum customer satisfaction. No more headaches and administrative time wasting!

Securysat - Vehicle tracking

The Securysat mobile version gives you real-time visibility on a smartphone or tablet of all your fleet activity.

My Ecodrive - Driving behaviour analysis

The Eco Drive mobile application aims to monitor and improve the driving behaviour of drivers to ensure lower tyre and mechanical costs, longer vehicle life, environmental conservation and a lower rate of offences and penalties.

At the end of a journey, at the end of the day and even in real time, the driver can consult :

By helping the driver to correct himself in real time and educating him as he drives, the Eco Driving module provides instant and permanent feedback to the driver, enabling him to adapt his driving style and reduce his CO2 emissions.

Securysat Worker - Mobile driver and passenger identification

Thanks to Securysat Worker,

Once your staff is identified, you can adjust elements related to badging such as the POI in which the badge was made.

Thanks to the application, the identification and tracking of your staff is made easier, no need for a physical reader attached to the vehicle tracker.

Securysat Worker - Asset management

Thanks to Securysat Worker,
Any validated form allows you to geolocate the assets thanks to the position of your smartphone, your vehicle or the POI entered in the form.

Securysat Worker - Work Management

This module allows the clocking-in of personnel on a selected site, independently of a vehicle. The clocking permits the submission of the CheckInAtWork declarations to ONSS.
work management

Q Love.Drive.Protect.

Q Love. Drive. Protect. is a mobile anti-theft application for vehicles and motorbikes. It allows you to geo-locate your vehicle on a map, to see its journey history, to activate the immobiliser and to be warned in case of theft.

In the event of vehicle theft, the monitoring centre takes charge of vehicle recovery in collaboration with the police.

My Logbook

The My Logbook mobile application allows workers who use their business vehicles for private purposes to categorise their journeys (private and business).

At the end of the month, it is possible to generate a report showing all the kilometres travelled for each vehicle, broken down by category, over a given period. This makes it possible to justify the kilometres travelled and thus to declare the kilometres actually travelled privately so as to avoid the flat-rate benefit in kind of a company car.

Securysat Installator

The Installator application is designed for installers and allows technicians to install, configure, test, uninstall, repair and verify data in real time.

The mobile application also allows the connection of temperature tags and BLE fuel sensors.