Incert certified car lock

Protect your vehicle against theft

Insure your vehicle with a quality alarm system

Designed for the Benelux market, Securysat anti-theft beacons are approved by Incert and meet all security standards.

The Securysat TT anti-theft system allows:

Securysat was the first Belgian supplier to obtain the certificate of conformity awarded by Incert, an independent certification body that verifies the correct application of very strict manufacturing standards regarding resistance to attacks and activation and deactivation procedures.

Protect your vehicle against theft

The Securysat TT anti-theft system helps you fight vehicle theft.

When your car or a vehicle in your fleet is stolen, you have no choice but to report it to the police within 24 hours and then to your insurance company within 48 hours. And you still have no guarantee of being compensated.

Do you think it only happens to other people?

Prevent the risk of theft and avoid lengthy dealings with your insurers by installing Securysat TT anti-theft systems on all your vehicles.

Geolocation and immobilisation of your vehicle in the event of theft

In conjunction with the police, we are able to locate the vehicle and immobilise it remotely. Vehicles can also be equipped with a driver recognition system as well as a tracking system that detects any attempt to move the vehicle even with the engine off.

Securysat also has its own range of anti-theft systems manufactured in Belgium

Different TT models

Several solutions are possible depending on the wishes of the vehicle owner or his insurer in the context of accepting the risk against theft. These products are divided into 5 categories.

Basic product with “tracking on demand” (TT0 and TT1)

This is a system in which the alarm can only be generated on the initiative of the owner or driver of the vehicle when he realises that his vehicle has been stolen. The latter alerts the alarm centre with which he has concluded a subscription contract and which is then responsible for initiating the Tracking and Tracing procedure in order to locate the stolen vehicle.

Product with automatic alarm (TT2)

This is the same system as TT1 with automatic reporting to the alarm centre and therefore does not require the intervention of the owner or driver. The advantage of this system is that it can detect a theft as it occurs and notify the alarm centre immediately.

Start prevention product (TT3)

This is the same system as TT1 with an engine restart prevention to immobilise the stolen vehicle when stopped. Once the engine is switched off, the system does not allow it to be restarted and immobilises the vehicle.

Product with optimal security level (TT4)

This is a system that combines all the features present in the other TT1, TT2 and TT3 products (i.e. with automatic reporting in case of theft and prevention of engine restart in case of shutdown after theft).

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