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Fuel management

Manage and track your fuel costs

The solution to control your expenses and combat fuel theft

The sectors of activities concerned

  • Trucking
    Goods, refrigerated, tankers, animals, trays, removals…
  • Public works
    Material trucks, machinery, utilities
  • Construction sector
    Commercial and light vehicles
  • Service companies
    Light and commercial vehicles
  • Fuel tanks
    Agricultural companies, mining companies, public works companies…
  • Personal transport
    Bus, coach or taxi companies

The issues of fuel tracking

  • Fuel theft
    Siphoning from tanks or vats, overfilling at the pump via jerry can
  • Abuse of fuel card
    Use of card for personal use
  • Overuse of fuel
    Inappropriate driving behaviour
  • fight against fraudulent procedures
    “Self-filling” of tanker before delivery, customer complaints, company reputation
  • Compliance with internal procedures
    Obligation of volume, day or location of filling
  • Fuel budget: control and monitoring
    Actual consumption, impact analysis of optimisation measures

The benefits of fuel tracking

  • Optimising fuel consumption
    Efficiently change the driving behaviours of your drivers
  • Identify fuel card abuse
    Combat prohibited practices and deter your staff from abuse
  • Responsiveness to theft
    Be alert to siphoning and highlight overfilling
  • Corporate probity assurance
    Fight malfeasance and eradicate behaviour that damages your image
  • Enforce internal procedures
    Control fuel take-off obligations
  • Rationalise the fuel budget
    Optimise monitoring, carry out detailed analyses, implement targeted actions and reduce your overall fuel costs

The tools of fuel tracking

  • Fuel card import and geolocation
    Compare platform data vs. your fuel card data and identify anomalies
  • Real-time alerts and notifications
    Be alerted to any anomalies via SMS, email or pop-up via the platform
  • Eco Driving Module
    Identify driving behaviours that lead to over-consumption
  • CAN-bus connection
    Leverage engine data and actual fuel consumption
  • Consumption tracking report and graph.
    Consult and export your reports in one click or automatically by email (pdf, xls)
  • Bluetooth or wired probes.
    Detect siphoning

Materials related to this solution

Canbus accessories

Canbus accessories

Can accessories allow you to read information from the on-board computer such as mileage, fuel level, consumption,....

  • Can reader for light vehicles
  • Can reader for trucks and machinery

The Mini Can or Simple Can Connexion complete the offer for a contactless connection to the vehicle's CAN bus! It reads the bus data via induction without damaging the cables to preserve the manufacturer's warranty.

Wired fuel sensor

Wired fuel sensor

Fuel management accessories enable monitoring of fuel in truck tanks, external tanks and generators.

Our wired and Bluetooth sensors monitor and analyse fuel quantities every minute to combat theft.

BLE fuel sensor

BLE fuel sensor

The BLE Reservoir probe is powered by its internal battery. Its communication protocol has been specially designed to optimise its autonomy (over 5 years). It benefits from a wireless connection and therefore avoids prior wiring to the geolocation beacon.

Once calibrated with the dedicated mobile application, the sensor can be used to provide the data required for monitoring, reports and fuel and temperature alerts.

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