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Fuel management

Manage and track your fuel costs

The solution to control your expenses and combat fuel theft

The sectors of activities concerned

  • Trucking
    Goods, refrigerated, tankers, animals, trays, removals…
  • Public works
    Material trucks, machinery, utilities
  • Construction sector
    Commercial and light vehicles
  • Service companies
    Light and commercial vehicles
  • Fuel tanks
    Agricultural companies, mining companies, public works companies…
  • Personal transport
    Bus, coach or taxi companies

The issues of fuel tracking

  • Fuel theft
    Siphoning from tanks or vats, overfilling at the pump via jerry can
  • Abuse of fuel card
    Use of card for personal use
  • Overuse of fuel
    Inappropriate driving behaviour
  • fight against fraudulent procedures
    “Self-filling” of tanker before delivery, customer complaints, company reputation
  • Compliance with internal procedures
    Obligation of volume, day or location of filling
  • Fuel budget: control and monitoring
    Actual consumption, impact analysis of optimisation measures

The benefits of fuel tracking

  • Optimising fuel consumption
    Efficiently change the driving behaviours of your drivers
  • Identify fuel card abuse
    Combat prohibited practices and deter your staff from abuse
  • Responsiveness to theft
    Be alert to siphoning and highlight overfilling
  • Corporate probity assurance
    Fight malfeasance and eradicate behaviour that damages your image
  • Enforce internal procedures
    Control fuel take-off obligations
  • Rationalise the fuel budget
    Optimise monitoring, carry out detailed analyses, implement targeted actions and reduce your overall fuel costs

The tools of fuel tracking

  • Fuel card import and geolocation
    Compare platform data vs. your fuel card data and identify anomalies
  • Real-time alerts and notifications
    Be alerted to any anomalies via SMS, email or pop-up via the platform
  • Eco Driving Module
    Identify driving behaviours that lead to over-consumption
  • CAN-bus connection
    Leverage engine data and actual fuel consumption
  • Consumption tracking report and graph.
    Consult and export your reports in one click or automatically by email (pdf, xls)
  • Bluetooth or wired probes.
    Detect siphoning

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