The construction industry is fiercely competitive. Staying competitive requires, among other things, digital management of your workers’ attendance and social security declarations! 

Control your costs and increase your profitability? This is a key objective for companies in the construction industry! This requires well-oiled processes and a flawless organization. But how can you do this if you are still in the paper age? How do you ensure that your workers or subcontractors are on the job every morning? How do you ensure that the CheckInAtWork declaration has been made? You can’t without exemplary personnel management: replace piles of paper and time sheets with digital ones!

Several possible options

You can facilitate the clocking in and out on your sites with three complementary digital solutions: a stand-alone tag; the smartphone; clocking in and out in a vehicle. You can choose them based on the devices available to your staff, the profile of the users, or the organization mode on site. The good news? Regardless of the time and attendance interface you use, all your data is repatriated on a common platform and in an identical format. Simple and efficient!

1. The autonomous time clock

One of the solutions? Place an autonomous time clock with electricity and telecom network on your work sites. A water and dust resistant box equipped with a GPS for localization that allows your workers and subcontractors to sign in at the beginning or end of the day. It will become essential on all sites… This time clock communicates the data of badging of the personnel in real time. Your managers therefore have permanent access to arrival and departure times and have complete visibility of presence and absence on site.

2. The smartphone: flexible and connected

You can also equip your site managers with an ultra-complete mobile application… They can thus encode themselves the presences and absences, and even the type of activity performed, via their smartphone or tablet. An automatic recording and reporting of working time that – like the mobile time clock – is compatible with the CheckInAtWork declaration.

3. In-vehicle time and attendance

Another very interesting and complementary option: equip your vehicles with a GPS tag and a badge reader. The goal? Allow your drivers and their passengers to clock in and out of the vehicle that transports them to the job site or brings them home. The icing on the cake? As with other digital time and attendance solutions: your workers’ attendance is automatically sent to the NSSO!

Versatility and simplicity for all!

Note that the beacons (on site or embedded) accept magnetic identification keys, RFID badges and many other solutions (for example, “Construbadges” and “Lisabadges”). Do you use subcontractors? There is nothing to stop you from providing them with badges that are compatible with your time and attendance options: a real plus for security and site organization. Your subcontractor manages the administration of his badges and personnel himself. Less work for you, more autonomy and lower costs for your subcontractor (since he doesn’t have to buy his own time clocks). A win-win situation!

An incredible time tracking tool

Whatever time tracking solution you choose, you always have access to extremely useful and aggregated information: working time, time spent on the road or on site, presence and absences per day or per week, etc. Your personnel and subcontractor management is extremely easy! Once the workers are registered in the database, they “take care” of declaring themselves daily with their personal badge. Your benefits?

  • You comply with the ONSS requirements of CheckInAtWork;
  • You get a constant overview of the workforce (own or external) present on each site;
  • You can react quickly to absences and thus avoid delays on site;
  • You can plan and organize your work sites efficiently and easily;
  • You can extract complete reports based on the data recorded by the time clock on a unique platform;
  • You provide all the information to your ERP software and/or your HRM systems (payroll…) in an integrated way;
  • You can calculate salaries (overtime; etc.) without delay and meet social obligations in the blink of an eye.

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