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Detection against GPS jamming of your vehicles

Warning of attempted jamming of a GPS beacon signal

What is Jamming and how does it work?

    • When jamming is detected by the beacon, it sends a notification to the Securysat platform as soon as the GSM and GPRS signal is available, signaling the presence of active jamming of the GSM mobile communication network.

An alert can therefore be generated via SMS, email or pop-up in the platform, if the jamming alert has been correctly configured in Securysat.

Please note that this function does not prevent the jamming from happening.

GPS geolocation systems play a vital role in many industries:

  • Transportation
  • Emergency services
  • Securing the exchange of goods
  • The guidance of agricultural machinery
  • Mobile telephony and internet
  • Banking transactions

It is therefore up to them to protect these services from interference.

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