Lower the cost and improve the productivity of your vehicle fleet with a fleet management software

Simple tracking app to optimize the management of your fleet of vehicles and employees who use them

What does Securysat do?


Benefits Securysat Fleet Management

Protect your assets

Sélect a reliable partner for vehicle tracking : Viasat Connect Belgium is a subsidary of  Viasat Group witch protects more than 600 000 vehicles everyday in Europa en in Africa.

Reduce driven mileage and fuel consumption

Control working areas, stop unauthorized movements, assure best routing, benefit key operation reports, are the most efficient actions to reduce fuel theft and fuel expenses

Eco drive & GPS tracking

Educate your drivers

Decrease significantly the number of accidents with a speed control in real-time. Manage personnel based on their driving attitudes give excellent results

Increase productivity

Remove personal stops from agendas, see real-time status of activities to guaranty jobs execution, control working hours are key factors to improve the workers productivity.

GPS Track and trace

Decrease fleet costs and increase the availability of your fleet

Schedule maintenance operations at the right time and plan every single operation for each vehicle improve the global availability of your fleet and reduce operational costs. Efficient fleet management has proven to reduce costs and improve business.

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