Fleet management

Securysat Fleet, simple and efficient fleet management

With Securysat, you benefit from an intelligent tracking solution that allows you to optimise your trips, save fuel and have full control over the exact position of your vehicle, with the resulting benefits in terms of organisation and safety.

Reduce the operating cost and the unavailability of your vehicles

Up to 15% reduction in fleet costs

Reduce the fuel consumption of your fleet

Up to 25% less fuel consumption

Improve the driving behavior and safety of your drivers

Up to 40% fewer collisions and reduced accident severity

Optimize the utilization rate of your equipment

Up to 20% reduction in operating costs for your equipment

Protect your vehicles against theft

Up to 15% reduction on your insurance premiums

Improve the quality of your customer service

Up to 15% increase in customer satisfaction

Securysat’s Eco Driving module aims to improve the driving behaviour of your drivers. Therefore, you :
In addition, by helping the driver to correct himself in real time and educating him as he drives, the EcoDrive module provides instant and permanent feedback to the driver which allows him to adapt his driving style and reduce his CO2 emissions.
Securysat’s “Fuel Management” module is a simple and effective solution to track your fuel expenses and fight theft.
The Securysat Maintenance Management module allows you to easily manage the technical follow-up of each of your vehicles and machinery. Thus, you optimise the availability of your vehicles and machinery and save money thanks to proactive management of the maintenance and servicing of your vehicles.
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Securysat’s Temperature Management module provides the refrigerated transport sector with foolproof tools to measure the temperature of loads remotely.
Thanks to this management module, your goods or your customers’ goods are in good hands!

The tachograph is a device for recording the usage data of a goods vehicle weighing more than 3.5 tonnes or a public transport vehicle carrying more than 8 people during its journey.

By downloading the Tachy data remotely, you can

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Securysat’s “Refuelling Management” module enables optimised management of refuelling on your construction and industrial sites.
Speed, reliability, control and invoicing in real time!
With one camera facing the road and another facing the driver, you can view live video images in real time to ensure continuous monitoring of your vehicles, drivers, passengers and cargo, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Artificial intelligence coupled with real-time video at the service of telematics.
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Road safety is one of the main causes of the high number of fatal accidents worldwide. There are many other factors that can explain this rate and it is everyone’s duty to try to reduce the risk of road accidents as much as possible. To help you reduce these risks, the Viasat Connect accident detection solution allows you to:

Securysat’s custom mapping module is designed for companies whose business is too specific to be satisfied with standard mapping systems.
It allows you to customise your interface by integrating your own maps and activating different layers that you may need for your daily business without expensive development costs.

With a simple click, you can then, as you wish,

The Journey Diary is a very practical module, available to employees or self-employed people who need to justify their business or private journeys.
Thanks to this trip report, you can declare the actual private kilometres so as to avoid the flat-rate benefit in kind of a company car.
Thanks to Securysat’s “Web Services” module, the information collected via the beacons and accessories (temperature sensor, canbus data,…) can be automatically processed and integrated into your back office applications (CRM, ERP, fleet management software, rental software,…).
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