Driver and passengers identification

Driver and passenger identification, an essential step to manage your fleet efficiently

See in real time who is driving your vehicles and who are the passengers

What are the sectors of activities concerned?

identification du chauffeur|driver's identification
gestion de personne

What are the risks involved?

The benefits of identifying your staff

Calculation of working time, mobility bonuses and declaration of presence on site (CAW)

Materials related to this solution

Mobi-LED driver & passenger identification

The Mobi-LED is a Viasat Connect Belgium accessory designed to address issues such as driver and passenger clocking in and out, privacy management and site start/end, and specific activity tracking.
The Mobi-LED manages the identification of up to 8 different people.

It reads all Mifare Classic badges (1K & 4K), MiFare Desfire badges (Construbadge & LisaBadge in Belgium) as well as driving licence stickers.

The Mobi-LED has been designed primarily for the construction sector as it directly addresses three important needs: the calculation of working hours, the calculation of working hours and the calculation of mobility distances.

Simplify the clocking in and out of your drivers and passengers with the Mobi-LED.

Driver & passenger identification accessories

Our badging accessories enable the identification of drivers before the vehicles are started. This allows you to collect driver-specific reports if the driver uses several vehicles. This also allows you to know which drivers are responsible for traffic violations or theft.

Mobile applications linked to this solution

Securysat Worker - Mobile driver and passenger identification

Thanks to Securysat Worker,

Once your staff is identified, you can adjust elements related to badging such as the POI in which the badge was made.

Thanks to the application, the identification and tracking of your staff is made easier, no need for a physical reader attached to the vehicle tracker.

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