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The Securysat GIS (Geographic Information System) option is a mapping interface that allows you to track vehicles, people or objects on different detailed maps sometimes overlaid.

Many professionals use specialised mapping software. They are used in a variety of fields:

Securysat GISS offers you the ability to manage complex data, such as your resources and services simultaneously on your business-specific map or sometimes on multiple overlay maps.

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Activating the GIS module is simple: a single activation is enough, which allows you to avoid high development costs. In concrete terms, the Securysat interface will either display the maps in an overlay manner or the map to be substituted for the one provided by default in the application.

The power of the Securysat GIS module lies in its easy integration of your data as well as its very ergonomic user interface: a simple click makes the layer active and therefore visible on the map.

The module also allows you to load POIs (Point Of Interest) directly from the GIS layers. These POIs are used in reports, for example to produce statistics taking into account the position of vehicles near infrastructures located by the GIS. For example, when geolocating vehicles in a plantation, the aim is to produce position reports according to the operating blocks.

Securysat GIS supports the most common formats: AutoCAD DXF, KML, Shapefile (used by MapServer, Grass, Udig, MapGuide OpenSource GmapCreator, QGIS, GvSIG, etc.).

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