Discover our beacons and probes to ensure the monitoring and protection of your vehicles, objects and your personnel

2G or 4G GPS trackers

Viasat Connect Belgium offers a wide range of beacons to protect your vehicles with features that meet the most demanding needs.
Once installed, the box captures information and transmits it in real time to highly secure servers.

Beacon to install yourself

Track the movement of all your vehicles by placing the beacon in the OBD socket or on the battery of your vehicle. No installation is required, the beacon communicates data in real time to the Securysat platform.

Autonomous trackers

There is a plethora of autonomous beacons on offer: different sizes, variable autonomy, battery recharging possible or not, etc. Each autonomous beacon responds specifically to very specific use cases.

The autonomous beacon is an autonomous geolocation box that runs on batteries and does not require
no installation or connection to the vehicle. Thanks to its configuration options, it has extraordinary flexibility to
to deploy a tailor-made solution for each customer.

Each beacon manages its battery optimally and the configurable alerts on the Securysat platform perfectly complement its commissioning.

IConnect tracker

The IConnect beacon is a stand-alone personal tracker with GNSS, GSM and Bluetooth connectivity.
The device is designed for anyone who carries out an activity without close or direct supervision such as, for example, health visitors, maintenance workers, lone workers or employees working outside normal working hours.

The tracker offers high quality voice communication, programmable LED indications and a 1050 mAh battery that meets the latest safety and lone worker protection legislation.

Personal Tracker

The Securysat Personal Tracker is a keychain-sized GPS/GPRS box that will provide reliable and accurate geolocation data relating to your employees in the field

The Personal Tracker is an individual geolocation solution with an alert system in case of danger.

In addition to storing GPS data, it allows for continuous optimization of battery management and the generation of specific alerts.

Motorcycle tracker

Three GPS beacons specially designed to track your 2 wheels.
The motorbike GPS beacons offer you the ability to locate your motorbikes, monitor their speeds and routes for the FMT100 and FMB920 versions and locate your property for the TAT100.

E-Lock tracker

The E-lock beacon is a stand-alone GPS beacon and a Viasat exclusive to track and protect the transport of your goods in real time .
Its powerful battery allows the tracking of goods over long distances while the various seals ensure the safety of the goods.

Mobi-LED driver & passenger identification

The Mobi-LED is a Viasat Connect Belgium accessory designed to address issues such as driver and passenger clocking in and out, privacy management and site start/end, and specific activity tracking.
The Mobi-LED manages the identification of up to 8 different people.

It reads all Mifare Classic badges (1K & 4K), MiFare Desfire badges (Construbadge & LisaBadge in Belgium) as well as driving licence stickers.

The Mobi-LED has been designed primarily for the construction sector as it directly addresses three important needs: the calculation of working hours, the calculation of working hours and the calculation of mobility distances.

Simplify the clocking in and out of your drivers and passengers with the Mobi-LED.

Id-LED driver identification

The Id-LED is a robust, simple and cost-effective accessory designed by Viasat Connect Belgium to make it easier for drivers to clock in and out. It is particularly suitable for companies that want to :
After the vehicle is stopped (ignition switched off), the driver is automatically debadged after a certain time (configurable).

Driver & passenger identification accessories

Our badging accessories enable the identification of drivers before the vehicles are started. This allows you to collect driver-specific reports if the driver uses several vehicles. This also allows you to know which drivers are responsible for traffic violations or theft.

Canbus accessories

Can accessories allow you to read information from the on-board computer such as mileage, fuel level, consumption,….
The Mini Can or Simple Can Connexion complete the offer for a contactless connection to the vehicle’s CAN bus! It reads the bus data via induction without damaging the cables to preserve the manufacturer’s warranty.

Wired fuel sensor

Fuel management accessories enable monitoring of fuel in truck tanks, external tanks and generators.

Our wired and Bluetooth sensors monitor and analyse fuel quantities every minute to combat theft.

BLE fuel sensor

The BLE Reservoir probe is powered by its internal battery. Its communication protocol has been specially designed to optimise its autonomy (over 5 years). It benefits from a wireless connection and therefore avoids prior wiring to the geolocation beacon.

Once calibrated with the dedicated mobile application, the sensor can be used to provide the data required for monitoring, reports and fuel and temperature alerts.

Wired temperature sensor

Tags positions & temperatures

BLE or RFID tags allow the tracking and management of your small material, tools or equipment such as small construction machines, tents, toilets, mobile bins, ….

Temperature tags allow real-time temperature monitoring for containers, refrigerated trucks, ….

Intelligent camera

The Surfsight camera is a Full HD 1080P video camera with a 140° adjustable wide-angle lens to capture all the details on the road and in the cabin.

Integrated with a multi-sensor camera at the front of the vehicle and facing the driver, it streams live video from the vehicles to the cloud in real time. This enables continuous monitoring of vehicles, drivers, passengers and cargo, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Surfsight provides a live video telematics service for fleets at an unbeatable price, continuously improving driver safety and saving money.

The camera, which provides colour and infrared video, automatically detects distracted driving, provides an alert and triggers recordings.

Mobile punching machine

The mobile time clock is a GPS beacon allowing the management of the presence and the calculation of the working hours in the workshop or in remote areas (building site, port, mining areas,…).
Its great autonomy allows the clocking of employees without the need for an external power supply.

Very simple operation

The mobile time clock is also the ideal accessory to automate Checkinatwork declarations on site