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Provide fiscal proof of your business and private mileage

Justify your mileage expenses

Do your employees also use their work vehicles for private purposes? If so, the “Journey log” module is for you!
Available on the Securysat web platform, this module allows you to easily categorise all the trips of your employees, regardless of the number of vehicles.

It is aimed at:

  • Employers providing company vehicles
  • Employees with company vehicles
  • Freelancers

How does the module work?

From the mobile app or the web interface, the driver classifies each of his journeys in one of the 4 available categories: “professional”, “private”, “home-work” or “other” and can accompany his classification with a comment.
Then, as an employee, you just have to validate your drivers’ entries to have access to the different reports.

For each vehicle, you can export a report showing all the kilometres driven, over a given period, in a given category. This report can be submitted to the relevant authorities and used as a receipt.

The benefits of the Logbook

  • Justification of the usage rate of your vehicles
  • Decrease in the taxable base related to your vehicles
  • Tax optimisation of your fleet

The mobile app driver

  • Intuitiveness of using the validation module
  • IOS and Androidcompatibility
  • Visualisation of journeys for control
  • Ability to enter comments
  • Security by login and password

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