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Antitheft for your tools and equipment

Protect your small materials and equipment with state-of-the-art technology

Prevent theft or loss of your assets with accurate tracking

The available technologies

To reduce the risk of theft or avoid the loss of your assets, Viasat Connect Belgium has developed various solutions that allow you to track them accurately:

  • A standalone GPS tag placed on equipment, a trailer, a generator,… allows you to locate the asset and generate an alert in case of unauthorised activity
  • An RFID or BLE Tag is not strictly speaking an anti-theft device for tools or equipment. Nevertheless, the presence of a tag on an asset facilitates its tracking and inventory

The information collected and processed by our platform allows you to know at any time the last known position of each of your equipment.
You can also:

  • Know the identity of the last person who dropped off a tool on the job site
  • Know if an expensive piece of equipment has been returned to the depot
  • Estimate how long a tool has been on site
  • Get an idea of what equipment is still on your job sites

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