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Temperature management

Guarantee your cold chain

Follow in real time the temperatures of your transports

What are the sectors of activities concerned?

  • Out-of-home catering
    Frozen food home delivery, caterers, craftsmen,…
  • Collective catering
    Delivery to company restaurants, school canteens,…
  • Transport of fresh produce
    Supply of food industry, greengrocers, meat & fish wholesalers,…
  • Transport of medical goods
    Delivery of pharmaceutical products, samples, blood, transplants, organs,…

What are the risks in the event of a cold chain break?

  • Health risk
    Proliferation of bacteria and germs
  • Economic risk
    Delivery company restaurants, school canteens…
  • Risk of spoilage
    Loss of flavour and appearance
  • Risk of over-accident
    Worsening of the condition of the technical item involved

The benefits of temperature monitoring

  • Anticipation
    Avoid or limit financial losses
  • Justification
    Prove your cold chain compliance
  • Prevention
    Avoid health risks
  • Reputation
    Guarantee the quality of your services

The tools of temperature monitoring

  • View temperatures
    Track temperatures from the platform in real time
  • Real time alerts and notifications
    Be alerted by SMS, email or pop-up via the platform if there is an anomaly (abnormal drop or increase in temperature)
  • Reports
    Receive  reports that can be consulted, exportable with a click or automatically by email (pdf, xls)
  • Vehicle geolocation
    Track your vehicles in real time

Materials related to this solution

Wired temperature sensor

Wired temperature sensor

  • Limited to 4 probes per vehicle, once the wired probes are placed in each cold zone, the temperature of each probe goes back up in real time and allows for remote control life alerts to ensure the cold chain without fail.
Tags positions & temperatures

Tags positions & temperatures

BLE or RFID tags allow the tracking and management of your small material, tools or equipment such as small construction machines, tents, toilets, mobile bins, ....

Temperature tags allow real-time temperature monitoring for containers, refrigerated trucks, ....

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