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Maintenance management

Optimise the availability of your vehicles and machinery

Save money by proactively managing preventive maintenance and servicing

The benefits of interview management are valuable

This module allows you to

  • Ensure the availability of your vehicles
  • Increase their lifespan by applying preventive maintenance
  • Schedule each maintenance operation for each of your vehicles and you guarantee the follow-up
  • Automatically notify the Fleet Maintenance Manager (based on mileage or hours worked)

Manage all maintenance issues

  • Leasing or insurance related information
  • Maintenance plans by vehicle type (digitalized version of the maintenance book)
  • Maintenance histories by encoding the maintenance performed
  • Accident histories
  • The summary of the number of ongoing and scheduled maintenances
  • The vehicles in an irregular situation
  • The operating cost of each vehicle
  • .

A predefined number of alerts can be configured per vehicle

  • On the basis of mileage
  • Based on digital input 1 (machine hours 1)
  • On the basis of digital input 2 (machine hours 2)
  • On the basis of contact time put
  • On the basis of a date

Every night the counters are updated and alerts are sent as soon as an alert threshold is reached.

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