Transport & Logistics

Track your fleet of vehicles and drivers in real time

Telematics for transport and logistics

Geolocation is a perfect technology for :
Each of the Securysat solutions will make your transport-related activities more competitive.

Driver identification

Analysis of driving behaviour

Our beacons have an accelerometer to measure the intensity of acceleration, braking, cornering and passing over a speed bump.

Our platform analyses parking with the engine running, speeding and over-speeding.

You will therefore be able, thanks to our system :

Fuel consumption monitoring and fuel theft detection

Fuel purchase is the biggest expense for transport and logistics companies. It is crucial to the profitability of the business and it is extremely difficult to have full control over it.

Our fuel monitoring solutions are ideal for analyzing :

You will also be able to control and monitor actual consumption and analyse the impact of optimisation measures

Video to reduce accident risk and analyse incidents

Integrated with a multi-sensor camera at the front of the vehicle and facing the driver, the camera streams live video from the vehicles to the cloud in real time, allowing continuous monitoring of vehicles, drivers, passengers and cargo 24/7.

Using artificial intelligence, live video from inside and outside the vehicle, GPS tracking and location history, and big data analytics, fleet managers gain greater visibility of their vehicles in real time. And enables real-time detection and alerting of the driver of dangerous events such as :

Video therefore not only offers better protection to their drivers and passengers, but can also significantly reduce the costs of claims from accidents, cargo damage and theft.

Optimising travel and controlling misuse

The number of kilometres driven has a direct impact on your petrol budget.

It is therefore essential to optimise your journeys and ensure that the routes and usage desired by the company are respected.

Our solutions allow you to reduce the number of kilometres travelled and to be alerted in case of abuse. You can therefore:

Maintenance management and monitoring

Proper maintenance of your fleet is an obligation to avoid accidents and ensure the longevity of your vehicles. In addition, you optimise the availability of your vehicles and save money by proactively managing maintenance and preventive maintenance.

Our maintenance tracking tool allows your team to plan maintenance autonomously, based on the manufacturer’s recommended plans and/or your own expertise in the field.

You receive automatic alerts, remotely, on your computer, tablet or smartphone, as soon as mileage, date or usage deadlines are reached.

The dashboard shows in real time the status of your fleet, the actions in progress and the vehicles in irregular situation. Thresholds are set and a recurrence can be given.
Actions are then defined when these thresholds are reached (modification on the platform, sending an email, sms, etc.).

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