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Protection of goods

Secure your goods transport

Protect the transport of your goods against theft with the E-Lock

The sectors of activities concerned

  • Transport by container
  • Transport by tarped truck
  • Transport bytanker
  • Transport of vehicles on truck flatbed
  • Transport under transit customs and port authorities

The risks during transport

  • Economic risk
    Theft of goods
  • Humanitarian risk
    Theft and trafficking of foodstuffs from NGOs
  • Penal and human risk
    Stowaway intrusion
  • Legal and financial risk
    Transit cargo fraud and introduction of prohibited goods
  • Health risk
    Theft and trafficking of risky products (pharmaceutical, toxic, …)

The benefits of E-Lock securing

  • Protection
    Ensure the safety of your transported goods and property in real time
  • Reactivity
    React immediately in the event of a break-in
  • Traceability
    Identify the various parties involved in the transport
  • Reputation
    Guarantee the quality of your services
  • Simplicity
    Install your tag easily and quickly

Les outils de sécurisation des marchandises

  • Géolocalisation des marchandises
    Visualisez et suivez vos marchandises depuis la plateforme en temps réel
  • Alertes par mail, sms et notifications
    Soyez alerté en cas d’arrachement de la balise, de batterie faible, de rupture du scellé ou de non-respect de l’itinéraire
  • Badging
    Identifiez les acteurs logistiques de vos transports via badging RFID (chauffeur, douanier,…)
  • Tags RFID
    Sécurisez les véhicules en transit transportés sur plateaux grâce au tag RFID
  • Scellés
    Gardez sous scellés spécifiques vos conteneurs, camions bâchés et camions citernes
  • Autonomie
    Assurez l’autonomie de la balise grâce aux panneaux solaires (en option)

Materials related to this solution

E-Lock tracker

E-Lock tracker

The E-lock beacon is a stand-alone GPS beacon and a Viasat exclusive to track and protect the transport of your goods in real time .

  • 15,000 mAh battery
  • Sealed for containers, tarpaulin trucks and tankers
  • Magnetic sensor for detachment detection
  • Solar panel option
  • Optional protective cage
  • Badging: identification of documents or logisticians
  • RFID tag detection
  • Multiple alerts: detachment, battery, sealed opening

Its powerful battery allows the tracking of goods over long distances while the various seals ensure the safety of the goods.

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