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Business services

Paperless digitisation in the service sector

Benefits for business services

Service companies are subject to increasing and global competition. This puts margins under pressure. Differentiation becomes vital. Services are carried out on customer sites by mobile teams, possibly with a vehicle. The services and the organisation of the services constitute a very important cost centre: payroll, fuel, maintenance costs, vehicles, travel costs, administration, etc.

How can we best plan the services of the teams to optimise travel according to availability, customer service contracts and emergencies? How to ensure fast, transparent and accurate invoicing according to the duration of the services and the service contracts linked to the services? How to automate administration as much as possible: calculation of salaries and overtime, travel expenses?

  • The schedule
    The dispatcher prepares the staff schedule taking into account the availability (holidays, illnesses, recoveries…). It is then automatically dispatched to the cleaning staff’s smartphone.
  • Geolocated scheduling
    The surface technician receives his schedule, as well as any last-minute changes via the mobile network. He performs his geolocated check-in and check-out on site, via the reading of a QR code (or an NFC tag) placed at the customer’s premises.
  • Photos
    On site, the cleaning staff can record any problems encountered by taking a photo automatically attached to the service in progress. They also qualify their service when they close it.
  • The web platform also offers
    Real-time tracking of staff and service locations and consolidation of service reports

What technology on the ground?

  • The web platform also offers
    – Real-time tracking of the day’s service progress.
    – The ability to geo-locate technicians based on their vehicle or smartphone.
    – Real-time availability of data needed for billing (with the possibility of integration with internal billing systems).

  • The Android smartphone or tablet.
    Compatible with NFC or barcode readers to identify equipment and manage parts/consumables inventory
  • .

Benefits of the solution

  • Optimising provider efficiency and productivity
  • The elimination of paper reports
  • Securing providers in the field
  • Increasing the quality of service delivered
  • The simplification of administration (payroll and billing)