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Calculation of driving times (Tachy)

Monitor your drivers' driving activity in real time and download your social data remotely

Record the usage data of your transport vehicles during their journey and track the driving activities of your drivers

The sectors of activities concerned

  • Tanker transport
    Oilseeds, milk, fuels, …
  • Tipper and amp roll transport
    Materials, agricultural, …
  • Miscellaneous goods transport
    Batchers, reefers, vans, …
  • Transportation of flatbeds and tank carriers.
    Cars, machinery, oversize …
  • Personal transport
    Buses, coaches
  • Specific transport
    Live animals, hazardous materials,…

The risks involved

  • Putting the business at risk.
    Loss of licence, heavy fines, bad reputation
  • Dangers to drivers
    Accidental fatigue, ticketing, loss of licence, life-threatening
  • Non-compliance with legal obligations
    Inability to produce files in the event of a tax audit
  • Non-optimised productivity and profitability
    Poor transport management, complicated anticipation, logistical failures,…
  • Deterioration in customer satisfaction.
    Poorly managed deadlines, unused capacities, less responsiveness,…
  • Hindered logistics organisation
    Lack of information, time-consuming investigation, questionable driver returns,…
  • Unverifiable driver declarations.
    Responsibilities, verification of stopovers, meal baskets,…

The benefits of driving time tracking

  • Safety for drivers
    Reduced stress and fatigue, reduced risk of penalties
  • Remote social data collection
    Saves time, less vehicle downtime, guaranteed driver card recovery
  • Streamlined logistics deployment
    Controlled transport, credible forecasts, rapid adjustments…
  • Corporate protection
    Compliance versus legal obligations, preservation of the work tool,…
  • Consolidated planning
    Available and reliable information, supported decision…
  • Cost transparency
    Easy and justified calculation of costs related to driving activity
  • Preserved customer satisfaction
    Compliance with commitments, increased availability in case of emergency, adaptability…

Real-time tachograph

You know the status of your HGV drivers in real time :

  • Driving time
  • Working time
  • Rest time
  • Availability

So if you need to, you can quickly reassign or give them new assignments.

The information is directly included in the tooltip of each driver or each vehicle.

A report is available for each of your drivers and you can view their activity history over a given period.

Remote social data upload

Via the Tacho web platform

  • Manage communication to the vehicle and connected tachograph
  • Automatically download tachograph files at each defined period (week, month,…)
  • Store your files
  • Consult the data by authorized users

Via the Viasat Connect FTP site

  • Files are sent automatically from the Tacho web platform to an FTP site
  • The files are accessible by the vast majority of tachograph file processing tools and the data can then be integrated into third party software

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