Mobility calculation

Automatic calculation of workers' mobility allowances

Save valuable time by automatically calculating your workers’ mobility bonuses

Automatic calculation of mobility bonuses

Several professional sectors, including the construction sector, provide for the payment of a mobility bonus to its employees, based on the number of kilometres travelled as a driver, driver with passenger, passenger or with the private vehicle. This is to compensate for the time spent travelling from home to work or from the company to the construction site. This bonus is in addition to the travel expenses.

To function properly, workers must sign in and out of the vehicle using their RFID badge, Construbadge or equivalent system.

Error management, fraud detection support

The system manages various human error scenarios (forgetting to badge on arrival at the site, at the end of the day…) and lack of GPRS coverage (underground parking…). The system also allows the ‘mobility’ kilometres actually travelled to be compared with the theoretical mileage in order to identify abnormally long journeys.

Various monitoring reports are provided with the solution in order to follow the implementation of the project and to identify/control potentially problematic data:

Data validation

The validation module allows you to correct and validate the data generated automatically by the system before converting the kilometres into EUR on the basis of the scales in force.

This tool integrates the following functionalities:

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