Protection and monitoring of field workers

Locate and secure your field staff

With IConnect solutions, you ensure the safety of your workers and isolated persons
The staff and benefits monitoring solution
The solution of respecting social distances
The security and monitoring solution for isolated persons

ICONNECT Mobility: The solution for tracking your staff and their services

The dedicated ICONNECT Mobility solution is the ideal device that allows your staff to alert you in case of danger but also to declare their arrivals and departures in the field.

Small and lightweight, our beacon can be worn around the neck, in the pocket or on the belt, and alerts you with the SOS button.

Thanks to ICONNECT Mobility,

ICONNECT Mobility is also a tracking solution to secure children, VIPs when they travel.

The ICONNECT Mobility solution allows you to both meet the security and protection needs of your staff, collect the starts and ends of your field employees’ missions as well as the validation of waypoints via BLE Tag reading.

ICONNECT Proximity: The solution for maintaining social distance

In today’s health situation, maintaining social distancing within companies, commercial spaces, industries, hospitals and nursing homes is a real headache for HR managers and executives.

The dedicated ICONNECT Proximity solution is the ideal tool to assist you in this process.

With ICONNECT Proximity,

gives you the assurance of full and unhurried activity in your workplace.

ICONNECT Safety: The lone worker safety and monitoring solution

The dedicated ICONNECT Safety solution is the ideal lone worker alarm device (IWAD), commonly referred to as ITP (Lone Worker Protection), which allows them to be protected from accidents inherent to their activity.

Thanks to the ICONNECT Safety,

The ICONNECT Safety also allows you to ensure the safety of lonely elderly people, both in and out of the home.

The ICONNECT Safety solution allows you to both meet the latest legislation on safety and protection of lone workers but also collect the beginnings and ends of your field employees missions.


The ICONNECT Safety is the solution to preserve the quality of life and independence of the elderly.

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