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The 12/24V GPS beacon

Trailers equipped with a GPS beacon permanently communicate their position. Equipped with a long-life battery, trailer tracking is guaranteed even in the event of long-term immobilisation.

The 12/24V option allows you to recharge the battery directly from any 12V or 24V power source as soon as the tractor is attached.

The beacon manages its battery in an optimal way. It goes into sleep mode as soon as its accelerometer no longer detects movement. It wakes up automatically at the slightest movement.

Configurable alerts on the Securysat platform perfectly complete the commissioning of the trailer beacon

Benefit from automated protection and location
vehicle localisation

The BLE Tag

The operation is very simple and the solution very economical. A tag is placed on the trailer. This tag communicates with the GPS beacon fitted to the tractor.

When the tractor’s beacon detects the presence of the tag, it means that the trailer is attached to the tractor.
When the tractor’s beacon no longer detects the presence of the tag, the trailer has been removed. Thanks to the tag’s GPS, the trailer’s position is visible on the map.

Benefit from a trailer management solution without any doubt in case of theft

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