How to assign the right worker to the right mission at the right time? A question that sums up the complexity of planning your field teams’ missions…

Long gone are the days when technicians’ schedules and missions were posted on a big board on the wall. Paper has long since given way to Excel. But this option has also shown its limits: no notifications, no connection to the field, no possibility of workflow and standardization of processes. However, planning the deployment of your mobile teams is a central process for the smooth running of your company. What’s at stake? Allocate your resources efficiently and in real time.

Scheduling rhymes with complexity

Scheduling is a very specific task that involves managing a large number of parameters and data: the location of technicians in real time; their availability schedule and expertise; the nature of service to be carried out; the urgency and duration of missions; road traffic and travel times; etc. But also the possibility of preparing and planning the parts necessary for an undertaking as well as the post-delivery follow-up. Not to mention the unexpected: from unannounced absences to vehicle breakdowns and emergency missions. You don’t have a clear vision of what is happening in the field? You will have great difficulty in satisfying your customers and increasing the productivity of your teams…

When technology simplifies…

Imagine a web and smartphone application as the ultimate planning tool. A digital assistant in the palm of your hand that allows you to :

  • Prepare the agenda (day; week; month) of your technicians by combining regular assignments and urgent missions according to their profiles, schedules, absences, etc. ;
  • Assign an urgent request from a customer according to the availability and skills of your workers, but also their geolocation in real time;
  • Harmoniously distribute the workload of your technicians and be able to monitor delays and progress of services in relation to the initial schedule;
  • Reorganize schedules directly following the unexpected absence of a technician;
  • Communicate in real time and with notifications the schedule on the smartphone or tablet of your field teams.

A real virtuous circle

Technology is your best ally for efficient planning with benefits for your company, your workers and your customers. A digital tool, which allows you to optimize the working time of your technicians by taking into account all existing constraints and thus increase the number of service calls performed. In the end? You will be able to :

  • Benefit from an increase in your turnover;
  • Strengthen the flexibility and resilience of your activities;
  • Improve the working conditions of your field teams;
  • Increase customer satisfaction in the long term.

Benefits that feed each other and become a true source of success for your company!

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