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Supply management

Manage the refuelling of vehicles or construction equipment

Plan and control the refuelling of machinery or fixed tanks and improve the productivity and profitability of your business

The benefits of supply management

  • Schedule or receive your supply missions in real time
  • Monitor the progress of your schedule in real time
  • Record delivered volumes and build delivery reports
  • Easily have the customer sign directly on delivery

Real-time visibility

  • Delivery planning

Plan and assign deliveries to your delivery drivers in real time (quantity to be delivered, time and date of delivery,…).

Each deliverer has a view on his daily, weekly and monthly schedule and receives immediate modifications when his schedule is modified (for example, when an urgent and/or unexpected delivery is added).

  • Deliveries

The delivery person views his schedule on his smartphone or tablet and finds all the details of the customer (site) to be delivered.

When he arrives at the delivery site, the application automatically detects the arrival on a POI (Point of Interest) and the deliveryman can then start his service. He encodes the quantity delivered and the type of fuel, records the vehicle registration, has the customer sign for validation and can take photos.

  • The Reporting

Each “Stop Job” service closure generates a delivery report that includes all the information related to it (such as quantities ordered/delivered, vehicle-related information,…). This report can be automatically sent to the final customer, the dispatcher,…

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