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Automated declaration of presence on site

Automate CheckInAtWork reporting with Viasat Connect solutions

Legal context

Since 2016, electronic attendance registration has been mandatory on construction sites of more than €500,000 excluding VAT for any person actively involved in the execution of the construction site (workers, safety coordinators…).

As the main contractor, you are obliged to communicate to the NSSO, at the latest when your workers/subcontractors arrive on the site:

  • The identity of the worker (national register number, INSS number or Limosa number for foreigners)
  • The place of work (via the site declaration number allocated by the NSSO)
  • Your identity (company number)
  • The date of registration

The NSSO has developed the CheckInAtWork portal and a mobile application dedicated to the registration of these attendances in order to :

  • Ensure safety and health on site
  • Combat undeclared work and social fraud

Viasat Connect’s response to this legislative context

Viasat Connect offers various solutions to facilitate this attendance recording for its clients and their subcontractors

  • Mobi-LED: driver and passenger clocking in vehicles
  • Punchclock: clocking in and out on a mobile, autonomous site time clock
  • Aidoo mobile: clocking in and out based on the service schedule
  • Timing on a mobile application

Various Viasat Connect apps for smartphones and tablets allow your workers and site managers to register their shifts. The CheckInAtWork declaration is immediately and automatically completed.

The benefits of CheckInAtWork for entrepreneurs

Vehicles are equipped with a GPS tag and a badge reader. The CheckInAtWork declaration is automatically made when a worker “badges” into a vehicle located on a construction site, determined on the basis of their GPS position.

  • Extremely simplified management: you don’t have to manage your subcontractors, nor register all workers in your software. Each subcontractor declares himself and his workers once, via
  • No additional investment in hardware. Construbadges and Lisabadges are compatible with all Viasat Connect solutions
  • Better visibility: via the site planning view, you can immediately see how many workers are busy on each site, your own men and its subcontractors
  • Error reports are sent in real time to those responsible for the “in error”
  • A summary of attendance statements by day is made available to managers

The benefits of CheckInAtWork for contractors

  • Simplified management: you don’t have to register with your contractor client. Your workers just need to use their own identification badge when they start their day on a site.
  • No specific investment: each subcontractor uses Construbadges or Lisabadges for their workers. They are automatically compatible with all contractors and construction sites equipped with Viasat Connect.
  • Site visibility: attendance records are made available in a form of site planning and in the form of reports that can be used to manage payroll, process absences, overtime, progress reports,….

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