Monitoring of containers, generators or other equipment

Tools to locate your assets

Avoid losing or having your equipment stolen, control the use of your assets, invent your equipment at any time

Tracking containers, generators or other equipment

Powerfully magnetised and armed with a high-capacity battery (up to 3 years), the autonomous GPS beacon transmits its position either several times a day or in real time. Instant alerts for sensitive events are automatically sent :

Verscheidene technologieën zijn beschikbaar.

The autonomous beacon

The most classic solution to track an asset and to add a geolocation beacon, in this case autonomous if the asset to be equipped does not have an available power source.

Depending on the type of asset, the number of positions required per day, the desired security and the required autonomy, we will guide you towards the choice that best suits your needs.

Our wide range of beacons enables us to respond to most of your problems.

BLE technology

We have a wide range of BLE compatible GPS beacons to suit all types of vehicles and various required functionalities.

BLE transmitters placed on your assets communicate with the GPS equipped vehicle with a bluetooth receiver.

Active RFID technology

Place RFID tags on your assets to locate them and track their movements through your vehicles. To do this, simply equip your vehicles with our Viasat GPS tag as well as an active RFID reader.
The latter scans all goods with an RFID tag within its range and locates them.
The location, the last date of identification as well as the vehicle and the driver complete its traceability.

The Securysat Worker mobile application

This application allows you to perform an action on one or more assets at the same time

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Autonomous trackers

There is a plethora of autonomous beacons on offer: different sizes, variable autonomy, battery recharging possible or not, etc. Each autonomous beacon responds specifically to very specific use cases.

The autonomous beacon is an autonomous geolocation box that runs on batteries and does not require
no installation or connection to the vehicle. Thanks to its configuration options, it has extraordinary flexibility to
to deploy a tailor-made solution for each customer.

Each beacon manages its battery optimally and the configurable alerts on the Securysat platform perfectly complement its commissioning.

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