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Web Services

Connect your applications to Securysat

Make full use of the data collected on Securysat

The business sectors

  • Private sector companies
  • Public institutions and communities

Location, driving behaviour, working hours, state of wear and tear of equipment… Whatever your sector, the data collected is now fully valued.

If you have specific needs related to your activity, the module also allows you to develop a custom application.

How it works

Our APIs (Application Programming Interface) are designed to establish an interface between two applications so that they can communicate with each other.

Our Web Services are compatible with SOAP and REST standards.

The objectives

  • Avoid re-keying of information
  • Facilitate two-way data exchange

You can thus feed the Securysat solution with data (list of personnel, vehicles,…) from your third-party application, and vice versa (working time, kilometres travelled,…).

The benefits

  • Interoperability with your software without worrying about its complexity or operation
  • The use of open standards and protocols

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