Workforce management

Plan, identify and control the activities of your staff

Identify your employees, plan their services and keep a real-time view of their activities. Manage your mobile staff remotely and reduce operational costs related to payroll, fuel, vehicle maintenance, etc. Gain efficiency and productivity, free yourself from stress and free up time thanks to administrative management and optimized logistics.

Intelligently plan your mobile teams planning

Improve the productivity of your teams by 10%

Stay informed in real time of the services of your employees

On average, reaction time on the field is reduced by 2 to 5 minutes

Digitize intervention reporting and speed up invoicing

20% reduction in billing errors

Facilitate the pointing on site

Reduction in the risk of missed check-ins by 15%

Generate detailed service reports

30% reduction in customer contestations

Automate your social declarations

½ day less administrative work per week

Aidoo mobile is a reporting and control solution for your field activities, combined with efficient planning management
Manage your interventions in an efficient and digitalized way with aidoo mobile.

When your vehicles are shared by your staff, it is useful to identify your staff.

By identifying your drivers you can:

IConnect is the ally of field staff and isolated people:
The IConnect is a GPS beacon designed for personal tracking: staff and service monitoring, social distancing compliance and safety and monitoring of isolated people.
The calculation of people’s working time per day and per site allows :
An analysis of the rules in force in the company is an essential step: break times, absences, illnesses, overtime, night work, …
A combination of tailored timekeeping solutions to automate your CheckInAtWork returns

Mobility bonuses are allowances to compensate for the distance workers travel to and from the construction site in the morning and evening.

Based on the IN and OUT badging in the vehicle, the “Mobility Calculation” solution :

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