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Taxi, ambulance, police

Optimise your fleet and ensure optimum availability of your intervention vehicles

Discover digital solutions to pilot services to the population

For the ambulance sector, police or for a taxi company, real-time visibility of vehicle availability is crucial just as dispatching responsiveness is a crucial condition for the quality of the service provided.

Geolocation offers you this possibility to know in real time where your vehicles are located on a mission, the degree of their progress and the conditions in which they are carried out.

  • A significant time saving that contributes to the quality of the service
  • Management and immediate availability of vehicles (for emergencies, for example)
  • A permanent and real time communication between teams and operational centres
  • Optimisation of routes and therefore of the number of kilometres travelled and fuel consumption

For the ambulance and police sectors, the use of sirens or flashing lights is compared to the degree of urgency of missions to avoid abuse and avoid fines for speeding or disobeying red lights.

For taxis, the person in charge of dispatching the runs can easily see on the map whether a vehicle is occupied or not (via a sensor that detects the presence of one or more passengers in the vehicle).