Asset Management

Never again will you lose objects and/or mobile equipment

Protection and automated tracking

With Securysat Asset Management module, not only are you able to find your field equipment or packages lost in transport by locating them instantly but you're also able to optimize the management of your objects trailers, mobile toilets, ... by collecting real-time information related to the use of the object, such as status, type, size, cleanliness, etc.

2 distinct technologies are offered:

  • RFID tags that are configured to be either automated/pre-programmed or manual requiring human interaction,
  • Securysat Standalone device which is a battery operated geolocalisation device that doesn't require any installation. The device is designed to continuously monitor a non-electricity powered object, such as a container.

Many parameters must be taken into account when choosing the most suitable technology for each of your projects: number of objects to be tracked, number of sensors required for their supervision, reading distance between the receiver and the desired transmitter, desired degree of automation, diversity of conditions and field situations to supervise (temperature, volume, status, ..), location of objects to be monitored.

Management of small equipment and machines

Securysat RFID technology makes it easy to track and inventory valuable tools and equipment.
The principle is simple: a small RFID transmitter (tag) is attached to each piece of equipment and communicates its position to one of the receivers located in your vehicles, your depot or on any of your sites, range 90m.

This information, processed by our platform, provides constant information about the last known position of each equipment and answers questions like:

  • Who deposited each piece of equipment and where?
  • Was the equipment returned to the depot?
  • How long did each tool stay on each site?
  • What equipment is still present on your sites?

Trailer Tracking

Powerfully magnetized and armed with a large capacity battery (up to 3 years), the container tag transmits in real time the exact position of your containers. Your goods are protected with a permanent follow-up and following instant alerts are automatically sent in case of sensitive:

  • Entry and / or exit of the container from a specific area
  • Motion detection
  • Stops
  • Detaching the beacon
  • Battery level

Trailer Tracking

Trailers equipped with the Securysat Stand-Alone beacon constantly communicate their position. Equipped with a long-life battery, trailer tracking is guaranteed even in case of long- term immobilization.

The 12 / 24V option allows you to charge the battery directly to any 12V or 24V power source as soon as the tractor attaches.
Stand-Alone optimally manages its battery. It goes into sleep mode as soon as its accelerometer detects no movement. He wakes up automatically at the slightest movement.

Configurable alerts on the Securysat platform perfectly complement the use of the trailer box

  • Movement Alert
  • Battery Alert
  • POI Alert
  • Speed Alert
  • etc

Moving Trailer / Toilet Tracking

Securysat Fleet Assets module allows you to anage various field assets, such as:

  • Containers, tippers, …
  • Mobile toilets,…

The transmitters (Tags) send their identification continuously at a preset frequency (ex: 1 time per minute) and at a configurable distance (5 to 90m) based on the environment and the needs.

Active RFID receivers, connected to the GPS tags by serial port, transmit a presence message when the transmitter appears and an absence message when the transmitter disappears from the field.

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