Assets management

Never lose your mobile assets and equipment

Reduction of financial costs, inventory of your assets, better planning and traceability of movements

Track the roaming of your equipment

Optimise the management of your assets on site and during transport

Secure the transport of your goods

Make your team responsible for preventing the loss of tools, equipment

Take a real-time inventory of your equipment on site

Easily find your mobile objects or equipment

Checking the presence of tools or certain equipment on a site can be very useful :
Use the right tools and technology to track and trace your assets :

The optimal solution to track and trace an object depends strongly on the type of object, its value, the frequency of positions and the desired autonomy.

Trailer tracking is a recurring issue for many industries. The requirements for trailer management vary greatly from one economic activity to another. With the Viasat Connect Belgium solution, don’t worry anymore and track your trailers easily and accurately:
suivi de remorques|trailer tracking|opvolging van trailers
Tracking the positions of your dumpsters or portable toilets is important but not enough :
Secure your goods transports with the E-Lock!

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