Cost control became an important factor of success! How to achieve this? Smartphone is your best asset to efficiently manage your teams and your activities in the field!

Whatever your sector: you have to manage mobile teams. How do you manage this complex mission? In other words: control your costs and increase your productivity. The solution in one word? The smartphone (or tablet). This small bundle of technologies is essential as it can do (almost) everything…

How does it work?

You obviously know the key assets of smartphones: portability and connectivity. But you still need the right application to exploit its potential to serve your business. Here are the main features at your disposal:

1. Schedule your staff’s services

Scheduling is a real hassle and a major source of expenses. With digital tools? Organizing work and your teams becomes a breeze. Your field workers and office managers are in constant communication. Schedule change? Sent in real time to the smartphone. An urgent assignment? Allocate it to the “right” worker in a few clicks. An absence on a site? You are informed and can react! Schedules accessible by everyone at any time.

2. Locate your workers

Another difficulty posed by the mobility of workers? Not receiving feedback from the field: has the technician arrived at the customer’s site? When did he leave? Who is the closest available worker to the site of an urgent job? All this you can know in real time through geolocation. Your teams can be tracked on a Google Maps during their working hours. You have the keys in hand to organize your staff in an agile and efficient way…

3. Determine work time

Your workers have the ability to badge with their smartphone at the beginning and end of the day. Or before and after a shift. And even encode the kilometers driven. All this data about working hours is automatically sent back to the office. Simple… but above all effective for administrative tasks: presence list; respect of schedules; overtime; etc. Calculating salaries and complying with tax and social obligations has never been easier!

4. Obtain complete service reports

This is another key challenge: ensuring the proper execution of field assignments. This requires digital reports of services delivered. Using the smartphone? Your worker can issue a consolidated report enriched with photos and other attached documents. But also send it directly to the client for digital signature. A digital validation that automatically arrives on the screen of your billing department. From the work completed to the invoice in the blink of an eye… and without errors!

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