Trucks, vans, cars… Managing the movements of professional vehicles is a complex and time-consuming task. Unless you have the right technology tools!

There are countless industries where vehicles are a key business resource: from construction to cabs, from breakdown and maintenance companies to international transport and home and emergency care. How can we efficiently manage many cars and trips? How to reduce usage and promote the best possible journeys? How to keep your expenses under control and increase productivity?

How do you currently manage your fleet’s trips?

Fleet manager often must juggle between different tools and management software that are not always compatible. Not to mention the many Excel spreadsheets and tables. Is this your case? You also must manage numerous telephone calls, most of the time in a rush. All this while constantly providing a satisfactory response to the many requests from customers. Add to that the monitoring and reporting… The plate is already more than full! However, there are comprehensive and efficient digital tools to help you perform your tasks even better.

A complete solution for your fleet

How about a digital fleet management module? Complete tool for managing your vehicles and equipment in real time. A monitoring and geolocation tool designed to facilitate your work as a manager. At a glance, you can view all your vehicles and equipment fitted with GPS tags and RFID or Bluetooth tags on a map (permanently)!

Which driver is driving where? In which vehicle? What were the stops and driving times? What is the state of the vehicles? Multiple data that you can export in standard or customized reports for a better analysis of the results. You have everything in hand to optimize your fleet and reduce company costs!

The advantages of monitoring and geolocation of vehicles

You get it: using a complete fleet management solution allows you to:

  • Monitor and manage several vehicles in real time at the same time ;
  • Visualize your entire fleet on a clear and precise Google Maps;
  • React even faster and more efficiently in case of an urgent intervention request by sending the closest vehicle to the scene;
  • Save valuable time and reduce your administration costs;
  • Create and send, in the preferred language and time, detailed reports in XLS and PDF files, including the information you want; 
  • Get alerts in case of misuse of your fleet.

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