All sectors have their specificities. But some are more sensitive than others and require a flawless professionalism… This is the case of PRM transportation!

Are you active in the transport of people with reduced mobility (TPRM) sector? You certainly know that everything has to be perfect: from the waiting time to the drop-off at the destination, including the pick-up, the journey, and sometimes even the waiting at a stop (at the hospital, to do an errand, etc.). These passengers need reliable and secure accompaniment. Whether the intervention is planned or unplanned, your services must be flawless.

Digital solutions for more efficiency

Your business requires rigorous planning and optimal management of your fleet. You need to be able to allocate the right vehicle – in terms of availability and characteristics – to the right mission. You must also ensure that your drivers perform their duties properly. It is your reputation that is at stake at each intervention… But well-done is not good enough, you must also prove it.  Indeed, the relatives of the transported persons want to be sure that everything is done as planned. They need to be reassured in real time, no matter what the difficulties on the ground! This is why it is in your best interest to equip yourself with high-performance technological tools that will enable you to meet this requirement!

How is my dad’s transportation going?

At the other end of the phone, the family wants to know if your assistance is going smoothly. The answer can’t be delayed… now is the time to be sure! With innovative vehicle geolocation solutions, you are now able to communicate precisely with your customer. You can reassure him and even give him indications on the time and place of arrival. In case of a glitch or delay? You can also inform the family or the specialized reception center. Your services are under control and you keep control of the situation. Vehicle breakdown? Your fleet manager can deploy the suitable solution immediately. You reduce uncertainty and therefore increase your reactivity to guarantee a high-quality service!

Always connected to the field

An accident on the road, a problem with the person being transported, a delay during the service… No one is safe from the unexpected. But you must be able to react quickly. To do so? You must receive permanent information from the field. To know the location of your vehicles for example. This is essential and possible by using an on-board telematics box. But also keep in touch with your mobile teams. Equip your mobile staff with autonomous geolocation beacons. Discreet, light and efficient, they give you reliable and precise information about your field staff. Very useful, for example, if your driver has to leave his vehicle to accompany the person taken in charge.   The beacon also has activates an SOS function in case of danger for isolated personnel (DATI) and start/end of mission buttons to better monitor your assignments. In short: You control the progress of your engagements and are always able to reassure your customers…

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