From planning to calculating hours thanks to on-site clocking, including protection against loss and theft: here are 5 reasons to digitize your work sites…

Manage all aspects of your work sites: from personnel to equipment management; from your on-site machines to subcontractors; from vehicle movements to wage calculations; from invoicing to meeting deadlines? Your mission is both complex and crucial for your company. Especially in a sector as competitive as construction. And for good reason: well-organized and efficient construction sites allow you to keep control of your expenses and increase your productivity… Digital is your best ally to achieve this.

1. Task planning and assignment

The tasks on a construction site are extremely varied. The profiles of your workers are just as varied. Creating and managing a schedule is therefore a complex and time-consuming task. With a digital solution, you can communicate the schedule in real time on the smartphone or tablet of the field teams. Everyone always knows what they have to do, even in case of urgent changes…

2. Simplified timekeeping and calculation of hours

Whether it is for the manager in the office, the team leader or the workers on site, the clocking in and clocking out of the day is also made easier thanks to an on-site time clock (or mobile in vehicles). In one click you can obtain the list of the employees present on a construction site as well as the hours of work in progress. The calculation of hours, mobility bonuses and even the ONSS (Check In At Work) obligations are greatly facilitated for your administrative department.

3. Geolocation of workers and vehicles

GPS tracking allows you to locate your staff during working hours on Google Maps at any time, in real time. In this way, you can, for example, plan an urgent intervention on the basis of proximity and availability of workers. The monitoring and geolocation of your vehicles and equipment also allows you to optimize the management of your fleet, and ultimately, to better control your costs.

4. Tracking and inventory of mobile equipment

Is it difficult to keep track of the material and mobile equipment used on a site or in your warehouses? With geolocation, you always know in real time where your various equipment and materials are. Tracking via tags and beacons allows you to better organize your various construction sites and also protects you against loss and theft.

5. Accelerated intervention reports

Mission reporting is also accelerated and more complete than ever. Digitization makes it easier to create reports and send them directly to the customer for signature. Processes and communication with your customers are faster and can even have a positive impact on the billing cycle. And when you save time, you save money.

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