Make your administrative management more efficient? A key issue for your company! It saves you time and money at the same time. Ready to go digital?

Your mobile teams perform their missions in the field. But back-end support is essential to ensure the smooth running of the company in terms of finance and sales, and personnel management. A role synonymous with responsibility and organization. The more you make life easier for your admin teams, the better you control your costs and your billing cycle. Take action with digital technology!

Digital for admin

The first step is to equip your mobile workers with the right technological tools using a “do-it-all” application. They can, for example, enter key information that will then facilitate the tasks of the administrative department. And with good reason: all data recorded in the field automatically flows back to the office. Mobile clocking tools also allow field staff to record the start and end of the day, the duration of the intervention at the customer’s site or in the company, as well as the number of kilometers traveled. What does this mean in practice?

  1. Identify the drivers and passengers in each vehicle at a glance: thanks to a badge reader installed on board and designed to meet the driver and passenger time and attendance issues, while ensuring privacy management.
  1. Clocking in and out becomes child’s play: thanks to mobile time clocks installed in the workshop or on site. An ideal system to organize the time and attendance of your workers and subcontractors in complete autonomy and to have a real-time visibility on field activities.
  1. Check-in with your smartphone too: via a mobile application to check-in your drivers, passengers and workers on site. Easy and efficient!
  1. Know the working time and the time of service: reports arrive automatically in your email box and can be sent directly to your social secretariat for the calculation of wages.

From the field to the office in a click

In the office? Your admins have this key information in real time. Even better: the web software automatically calculates working time reliably. They can also produce complete reports per employee or per customer. Thanks to this data package? Your administrative team becomes synonymous with savings for the company. It will be able to perform all its tasks more efficiently:

  • ensure the service follow-up;
  • prepare the calculation of salaries and mobility bonuses for each staff member;
  • meet tax and social security obligations;
  • carry out the administrative management of personnel (absences; illnesses; etc.);
  • automatically generate the data necessary to analyze the costs related to work sites or missions;
  • but also invoice customers more quickly and without error.

When digital technology rhymes with cost control and increased productivity!

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