A construction site is not only about the work to be done. It is also the administrative management of workers and subcontractors. Digital technology is at your service…

A construction site? It’s like an anthill: dozens or even hundreds of people work there every day. Managing a construction site is not limited to carrying out the work or providing machinery and equipment. The personnel organization aspect is crucial and must be mastered to avoid budgetary gaps. Technology offers you essential tools to manage your workers, their movements, their presence and their wages.

The administrative life of a construction site

What is the ideal image of a construction site? Workers arriving in the early morning, helmets on their heads, to do their work seriously… But as a manager, you know it: it’s much more than that! A construction site: it is also the preparation of roadmaps, the team planning, the presence management, the time registration and of course the payment of wages and bonuses. A Herculean amount of administrative work that – in a hyper-competitive sector like construction – can no longer be done by hand.

Digital solutions to facilitate administration

The good old time punching machine that perforates the sheets has served its purpose. Nowadays? Smartphone-based badging solutions and stand-alone digital time clocks on construction sites allow you to simplify all administrative tasks. The data collected allows you to automatically calculate the hours worked and the travel times – and therefore the mobility bonuses – but also to meet the regulatory obligations. Do you want to go even further? Digital technology offers the possibility of creating schedules that are accessible to everyone in real time and of allocating resources (manpower, equipment, vehicles, etc.) to each site manager who can also encode via his connected tablet a host of information.

The advantages of efficient administrative management of a worksite

Using today’s technology solutions is not only about “simplifying the administrative work of a construction site”. It is also synonymous with :

  • Automatic calculation of hours worked;
  • Simplified and automated CheckInAtWork obligations;
  • Automatic calculation of mobility bonuses
  • Real-time monitoring of the location of vehicles transporting your workers;
  • Creation of schedules and optimal allocation of resources;
  • Mobile time and attendance solutions in vehicles or on site

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