Does your company dispatch many drivers?  If so, you know that accidents are a real problem. That’s why more and more vehicles are equipped with smart cameras… Now it’s your turn?

8 out of 10 accidents are caused by driver’s distraction. Smartphones at the wheel, unbuckled seatbelts, aggressive driving or drowsiness – all these factors multiply accident risks. But you can do something about it by taking advantage of newest technologies offered by dashcams: intelligent cameras in the vehicle. A way to prevent and secure your activity!

How does a dashcam work?

Dashcams are developed by Surfsight. A reliable and proven solution tailored to the requirements of transportation industry! How does it work ? The small two-way camera affixed to the windshield or dashboard. It films the road and the car cabin at the same time. Additional cameras can be installed to provide side views of the road or your load. The whole system is installed in less than 10 minutes by a professional who will ensure proper connections and adjust the view angles, for example.

Once your dashcam is correctly installed, it can systematically detect risky driver behaviour using sensors equipped with artificial intelligence. You can even set up real-time alerts to react preventively. Another plus? The recordings are directly available on the web platform. Not to mention the possibility of using video as a powerful training tool: a way to make your drivers more responsible.

A win-win solution

Dashcams offer you a clear view and real-time data for proactive fleet management. You increase drivers safety and you always know what’s going on with your vehicles. Even better: you’ll add prevention of load theft or intrusion.  Always with incredible possibility of live interaction and availability of comprehensive reports to better evaluate your fleet and your carriers.

An accident? Whose fault is it?

In the event of an incident, you also possess maximum of information to know what really happened! This makes dealing with insurance companies easier, as video provides instant and irrefutable proof. Ideal way to avoid tedious investigations, disputes or costly settlements!

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