Road accidents are a real burden for transport companies. How can you help your fleet managers to prevent and better manage accidents?

For a transportation company, accidents are – in addition to bodily injuries – synonymous with loss of profitability (vehicle immobilized or to be replaced, insurance premiums that explode, etc.). But your drivers cover thousands of kilometers per year and thus multiply the risk factors: speeding, fatigue, aggressive driving, distracted driving, failure to comply with traffic regulations or safety measures, etc… What is at stake for your company? Make your activity as safe as possible. How can you do this? Digital solutions have become essential on the road.

Focus on prevention

What if you started by analyzing your drivers’ behavior in real time and retrospectively? This is possible via an on-board beacon! Exceeding the speed limit, sudden braking, travel time, etc. All the parameters are compiled to enable you to compare your drivers. Objective: to make them aware of a more responsible and safer driving. If you add the Eco-driving application, they will even receive alerts in case of dangerous behavior (accelerating too fast, turning too sharply, etc.). A good way for them to correct their aim in real time, but also to adopt a more careful driving .

Another option: the dashcam. Fixed to the windshield or dashboard, this small camera videos both the road and the cabin. Thanks to artificial intelligence, you can systematically detect risky behavior. A cigarette at the wheel, a poorly fastened seatbelt, signs of falling asleep? Depending on your own settings, you receive an immediate alert and can react.

React quickly in case of an accident

Despite preventive measures… accidents don’t just happen to others! In the event of an accident, the telematics system in the vehicle is also very useful because you are instantly warned via a pop-up or an SMS. You can see the precise circumstances of the accident, second by second:

on a map or in an event report for the data collected by the beacon before and after the impact (speed, acceleration, braking…) directly on the images from the dashcam.

Thanks to this crucial information, you understand the scene, react quickly and find solutions immediately!

Prove your good faith

An accident is not without consequences on your insurance policy. Especially if your driver is (partially or fully) responsible. Take advantage of the information gathered through technology. In the event of an accident, this information is essential to determine who is at fault. With event reports and dashcam images, there’s no doubt about who was at fault.

If your driver is not at fault, you can avoid legal problems and make a strong case to your insurer… Please note: ensure that you comply with data protection regulations. You can of course use the collected data to plead your case, but the other parties involved in the accident must absolutely be informed of this data and how it’s usage, and you can keep it if necessary.

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