Mobile equipment, small equipment, parcels, goods, containers, etc. Never lose sight of your precious resources again with geolocation tools!

Your customers’ goods are constantly moving from one end of the country or Europe to the other. From one corner of the world to another by road or sea. Your mobile equipment and materials travel from job site to warehouse or directly to a customer. Mobility is a constant in your business and you don’t currently know the exact location and whereabouts of your containers or trailers. How can you be sure that these valuable assets have not been misplaced or stolen? Without accurate and consistent information, you are sailing in the dark. This can be a source of concern for you and your customers…

Your equipment always under control

Not knowing where your site equipment or your customers’ goods are? This can cause various problems. It greatly complicates your follow-up and your inventory management of your valuable equipment. It can also increase the risk of loss, damage or theft. Not being able to locate goods that you need to deliver for a customer? A perilous situation: both for customer satisfaction and for your brand image. You are at odds with your customer’s trust. The solution? Geolocation.

Technology protects your assets

There are several specific types of technology tools to meet your tracking needs, depending on the type of hardware. Top of the list? GPS beacons and tags. Small, self-contained tags that can be hidden in merchandise or tags that are placed in trucks or trailers. Others have seals that can be adapted to any type of transport for high security: perfect to reassure your customers. The data is transmitted in real time to highly secure servers.

On the tag side, RFID or BLE tags the size of a matchbox are for example ideal for tracking and tracing urban and construction equipment.

What are the benefits to you and your customers?

Reliable, real-time tracking is truly indispensable in the transportation industry. Your customers no longer just want to be informed of safe arrival – they want to be able to track their shipments. Thanks to geolocation tools :

  • You know at any time and in real time where any valuable equipment or goods are;
  • You know the different intermediaries who intervened during the journey of the material;
  • You are automatically informed in the event of an event occurring to your containers: detection of movement; abnormally long stops; detachment of the beacon; etc. .- You are alerted in the event of an event occurring to your containers.
  • You can be alerted in case of suspicious movement of your trailers;
  • You can also collect important information related to the use of the object (type, size, cleanliness, people involved, etc.).

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