Are you a building contractor in Belgium? Get rid of the constraints of the CheckInAtWork with the digital aid. This obligation becomes as simple as saying “hello”!

The CheckInAtWork is a legal requirement to register the presence of workers on all construction sites (for projects of value of 500,000 euros and up, excluding VAT) in Belgium with the social security (ONSS). You know better than anyone how tedious this task is! The good news? Technology is at your service to automate this procedure…

From the construction site to the NSSO in one swipe of a badge

Your administrative department is not on the job site. However, they must process the presence of workers daily to comply with laws and regulations. Are the advance declarations to the NSSO still done “by hand”? This is a major waste of time that can be avoided. Technology offers several solutions for direct registration of your workers. The advantage? Once they have declared themselves at work, the information is transmitted directly to the social security database. They can clock in and out:

  • In vehicles and machines equipped with a GPS tag and a badge reader. Your staff – drivers and passengers – can simply sign in via this reader when they are on a work site. Their presence is automatically sent to the NSSO. Some models can even prevent the vehicle from starting without the driver’s identification.
  • On-site via the installation of a mobile time clock. Each worker identifies himself with his badge and the CheckInAtWork declaration is made in real time without any additional work.
  • Based on planning through a mobile application. It records the workers’ performances scheduled on each site. The CheckInAtWork is carried out automatically 15 minutes before the beginning of the planned services.
  • Via smartphone or tablet by the site manager or the workers themselves. They encode their start and end of day on site in a few clicks.

Benefits for all

You will quickly realize : everything is simpler with these innovative solutions. Your CheckInAtWork declarations become a real child’s play. And everyone wins:

  • Your workers: they declare themselves every day without ambiguity and in a very simple form. No superfluous actions or possible misunderstandings.
  • Your subcontractors: they can also benefit from these time and attendance solutions simply by using their own identification badges when they start a day on site. Everything is immediately compatible with the time clocks.
  • Your company: your management is made extremely easy, since your workers fill in the NSSO obligation themselves at the time of clocking in. No investment in equipment is necessary. No additional badges to buy or manage.  For example, the systems work with both construbadges and lisabadges. And you also have better visibility on the worksite schedule, since you know in real time the number of workers employed on each site.

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