Nearly 150,000 trucks hit the road every day in Belgium, not to mention all the other professionals on the road. What if better driving habits improved safety?

Few thousand kilometers per week. More than 100,000 kilometers per year per driver? It’s routine in your company. But the road is paved with dangers. From fatigue to the blind spot problem, not respecting safety distances and speeding. So many pitfalls that also weigh on your expenses…

Accidents that cost money

Your mobile workers take risks on a daily basis. Your role? Try to minimize them! Nearly 38,000 accidents occurred on Belgian roads in 2019, nearly 10% of which involved transport vehicles. In addition to the physical and material damage, each accident hinders the functioning of your activities and penalizes your profitability. An immobilized truck; emergency recruitment of a driver; delays and reorganization of the schedule; negative effects on your image and the well-being of your employees; etc.

Technology to the rescue

The good news is that road accident rates have been stable in recent years. Among other things, this is due to technological progress! Digital tools now allow you to go even further. Do your drivers already receive mandatory training and regular updates? You can help them do even better. For their safety. For your company. For the planet. How can you help? With monitoring and driver assistance solutions. Tools that can :

  • Encourage your drivers to drive more safely and wisely;
  • Assist them at all times;
  • Encourage them to drive more responsibly, for example in terms of consumption.

On-board digital co-pilot

Imagine a system that would allow you – for each driver – to record a series of key parameters. For example:  the distance traveled per hour-day-week; the type of roads used; speeding; or even sudden braking. In other words? A module that analyzes your driving behavior in real time. Better than that: this system would also be capable of alerting the driver to help him or her become aware of his or her deviations in real time. You’re not dreaming: it exists!

Why not use intelligent cameras on board?

Did you know that 8 out of 10 accidents are due to a lack of attention from the driver? And for good reason: they spend many hours behind the wheel. High-performance video camera systems now make it possible to monitor the road, the cabin and the unloading area in real time. This way you can keep an eye on your drivers, their passengers, their loads and their environment.

How does it work? A camera, fixed on the windshield, simultaneously captures images of the road and the cab. Artificial intelligence does the rest… It monitors the driver’s state of fatigue, but also detects any dangerous event (seat belt not fastened properly, phone or cigarette while driving, etc.), and sends an alert to the main person concerned! Aggressive driving or a crash? You receive notifications and can provide live assistance. A device that makes your drivers responsible and reassures your company!

Numerous benefits:

  • Increase driver safety: by improving your drivers’ driving behavior over the course of their journeys, you do everything possible to limit the risk of accidents and the resulting harmful consequences.
  • Reduce the ecological footprint: a more responsible driving style – with less acceleration and sudden braking, for example – also means lower CO2 emissions.
  • Lower your costs: An accident avoided means less trouble, but technology tools allow you to go further. A more appropriate driving of your drivers also allows savings in fuel and maintenance of your vehicles.

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