The administration for the Check In At Work becomes much easier! The Securysat system can read the data from Lisabadge and Construbadge and transmit them automatically to the Social Security. No more encoding the data afterwards!

In terms of geolocation, different solutions are offered to entrepreneurs depending on their company’s needs. There is a process directly linked to the vehicle: a geolocation beacon installed in an inconspicuous manner – by a professional – or in an apparent manner in the form of an OBD dongle connected to the vehicle’s diagnostic socket. The mobile time clock completes the offer by recording the start and end of work on a site.
Several downloadable applications on smartphones and tablets provide the same work optimisation services for professionals.

As for the identification process – increasingly important for security and fraud prevention – various systems can be connected to both vehicle tags and mobile time clocks. Of particular note are Dallas-type keys and RFID badges. In the construction sector, the use of ConstruBadge and LisaBadge avoids the need to re-encode the complete identification data of the worker and greatly facilitates the administrative formalities of CheckInAtWork since a system like Securysat can read them.


Developed by Emixis, Securysat is a powerful fleet management solution for the construction sector. Based on electronic equipment manufactured in Belgium, it makes it possible to protect vehicles against theft and misuse. But that’s not all.

Securysat allows you to optimise the management of your company’s vehicle fleet: where are the vehicles located? Which ones to use for better optimisation? Securysat also offers better maintenance management:

Which site vehicle needs to be refuelled? Which one should be taken for maintenance? By identifying the vehicle’s occupants, driver and passengers, Securysat provides automated personnel management. Finally, it encourages more environmentally friendly driving behaviour thanks to the Eco-drive module. These are all opportunities to reduce company costs.

Securysat not only protects vehicles against theft and misuse, but also encourages more environmentally friendly driving behaviour through the Eco Driving module.

aidoo mobile

Aidoo Mobile is an application for smartphones and tablets that allows you to manage and track the services of mobile staff: whether they are air conditioning installation and maintenance technicians, heating engineers, lift installers, swimming pool installers,….

Optimised scheduling

Aidoo enables schedule optimization. The employer can communicate, in real time, the day’s schedule or its modification to the field staff. This allows him to allocate certain missions to the worker located closest to the intervention area and to integrate emergency missions. Aidoo offers reliable monitoring of achievements. The employer can, in real time, find out how long an intervention takes, the work actually carried out, the problems encountered and the parts used. The technician can easily record important technical information. Aidoo Mobile allows him to take before and after photos, to attach them to the reports in progress and to send them directly to the employer.

Thanks to aidoo mobile the employer can, in real time, know the time required for an intervention, the work actually carried out, the problems encountered, the parts used.

The information goes straight back electronically to the company’s headquarters. No more vouchers to re-enter, no more errors and no more disputes! The company has complete documentation of the services performed. In addition, the invoicing cycle is significantly shortened.

The aidoo Teamleader solution, focused on the management of mobile teams, completes the mobile offer. On his tablet, the site foreman, can report to the head office the presences and absences of the staff, their activities, as well as the use of equipment.

At the end of the service, the technician has the customer sign on the smartphone screen, officially closing the service.

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